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Installing Windows XP from a USB pen drive


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Do you know if it's possible to install Windows XP to my hard drive from a USB pen drive (instead of using a CD-ROM as source)?

My motherboard supports USB devices booting.

How can I make the pen drive bootable prior to copy the files from Windows CD?

Thanks for your suggestions.


Venator :hello:

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I Found A Tool Called PeToUSB v3.0

It Works With BartPE/WinPE So It Possibly "Might" Work with XP, ill try with 2k because ive got a small drive :blushing:

MY USB flsh drive is broke so i can only test it on a external hdd, it should do the same thing.

also you may have to copy the source files to hdd before installation. if it works ill wright a batch file and post it here


Ive Tried And Tried And I Finally Gave Up Soz

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Petousb has come in new version v3.0.0.7

Read more here


Tested and works great with Kingston and Corsair USB



SanDisk Cruzer Mini SUCCESSFUL

PenDrive 2.0 Mini SUCCESSFUL


I-Bead MP3 Player FAILED (I think the UFD initializes

too slow for the BIOS)

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This refers a outdated version and dosn't mention development source.

Solution was developed here at msfn.


I was not aware that the source was developed here. I have now updated the article with a full reference to your source. I originally picked up the source from the following articals:



no harm intended,



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