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I think it's a good idea to add the link to KB243330 (SIDs) to the article. As for the HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT I stated

the HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT keys may pertain to the settings enforced before users log on (e.g. the default keyboard layout for the logon window).
Can you suggest a different wording? By some reason I don't really like
contains the per-user settings that Win XP uses to display the desktop before any user logs on to the computer
How do you display the desktop before any user logs on? :unsure:
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Ok, I see, thanks Alanoll. I just thought the Desktop was the thing with my favorite wallpaper :) I don't think my explanation is worse, but it's so hard to critically look in the mirror :)


When are the Default User, Default and other hives created during Setup? And from which files in i386?

There's only a SETUPREG.HIV in i386 and this contains the CurrentControlSet001 which will be formed under HKLM\SYSTEM eventually.

I think you need to visit this thread and this post in it. I never paid much attention to this method of configuring registry, but lately thoughts of converting from reg to inf crossed my mind :)

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Thx very much for this great tutorial, it did a great help to me

i think there is a small mistake in this tutorial

here @ [GuiRunOnce] you saied

The commands must be enclosed in quotes

while here under the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM)" you didnt put the codes between qoutes

ECHO Applying Registry Tweaks...
REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\hklm.reg

plz check and let me know

thx again :)

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ok, n00b here needs a crutch....i went through and compiled a small list of regtweaks i wanna use in my unattended install....made tweaks.reg

what do i do with tweaks.reg? where do i place it in my folder tree? what do i add to winnt.sif? also, do i put the "REGEDIT /S <path>\tweak.reg" after EVERY tweak or just the end of my file? What would I put in the <path>?

Sorry to be greedy with so many questions, I'm just really excited :w00t:

- Jeff

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I'm using SVCPACK method (T-13) to achieve this.

I created appsDU.cmd and put it in SVCPACK folder. I added appsDU.cmd to SVCPACK.INF!

appsDU.cmd runs my reg files I put in .\Install\Utils\ this way:

start /wait REGEDIT /S %SystemDrive%\Install\Utils\tweaks1.reg

start /wait REGEDIT /S %SystemDrive%\Install\Utils\tweaks2.reg

start /wait REGEDIT /S %SystemDrive%\Install\Utils\tweaks3.reg

and so on...

You can use FOR command to get all *.reg files executed whatever their names are and how many of them are there.

But using the simple approach above let's you run them in the order you want. Otherwise, use FOR command.

NB: I'm not creating appsDU.cmd just for the sake of reg files. I, basically, use it to install my fav apps via SVCPACK. So, you know.

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