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XPize 4.1 MCE


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XPize 4.1 MCE


What's new in 4.1:


- Removed batmeter.dll


- Modified icon 161 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 182 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 184 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 185 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 186 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 187 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 16710 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 16715 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 16717 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 16718 in shell32.dll

- Modified icon 16721 in shell32.dll

Miscellaneous / 3rd Party Files:

- Modified icon 345 in mspub.exe (128x128 icon size support)

- Removed icon 182 in wcesmgr.exe

- Removed icon 183 in wcesmgr.exe


- Universal Logon Screen

- Royale installed as a separate VS (no Luna + Royale)

XPize Settings:

- Updated to version

- Main window resizable

XPize Reloader:

- Option to run silently on Startup (repatches hotfixed files without user interaction)

I386 Patching:

- Fixed batt.dll

- Fixed irprops.cpl

- Fixed telephon.cpl

- Fixed liccpa.cpl


- Added /nomsxml3.dll (skips msxml3.dll on install)

- Added /noquartz.dll (skips quartz.dll on install)

- Added /noreloader (skips option to run XPize Reloader silently on Startup)


- Checks if XPize is already installed

- Checks if .NET Framework is installed

- Checks if System Restore Service is running

- Checks if user has 32-bit color depth


- The RestoreXPize.txt temp file is deleted

- FontSubstitutes reg value is set to default


- Updated Uxtheme Patcher

- Some cleaning and optimizations

- Some GUI improvements


Advanced Info:


Silent switch: /S (this switch is case sensitive)


ECHO Installing XPize
ECHO Please wait...
start /wait %systemdrive%\Install\XPize\XPize.exe /S

You can also create an XPized Windows CD using the I386 Patching Feature, which also has silent switches support. Example:

xpize.exe /S /mode=i386 /source=C:\XPCD\I386 /dest=C:\Users\XPero\Desktop

or (in the case that the path has spaces, you need to surround the switch with " ")

xpize.exe /S /mode=i386 /source=C:\XPCD\I386 "/dest=C:\Many Users\XPero Rulez\Desktop"

Note 1: The order of the switches is not relevant.

Note 2: /source and /dest are only available when used with /mode=i386

Note 3: All the switches can be used in the normal way (not silent). They will change the default values.

Note 4: /mode switch supports this two values: i386 (i386 patching) or normal

Advanced switches:

/norestore	 <---no system restore point creation
/nouxtheme <---no uxtheme patch
/nofiles <---none of files are patched
/nodll <---no dll are patched
/noexe <---no exe are patched
/nocpl <---no cpl are patched
/noocx <---no ocx are patched
/noadmin <---no administrative tools patched
/nooe <---no outlook express patched
/nomisc <---no miscellaneous files patched
/noextras <---no extras installed
/noskins <---no skins installed
/noicons <---no custom icons installed
/noboot <---no boot screen installed
/nologon <---no logon installed
/noscreen <---no screensaver installed
/nowall <---no wallpapers installed
/notask <---no taskswitchxp installed
/nocmd <---no console colors mod installed
/nomsxml3 <---no msxml3.dll installed
/noquartz <---no quartz.dll installed
/noreloader <---no automatic reloading in the background


xpize.exe /S /norestore /nouxtheme /noextras



Note 1: Uninstall previous versions before installing this one.

Note 2: Windows x64 bit is not supported.

Note 3: Lite version is the same as normal, except that all 128x128 icons have been removed.

Many thanks to all of you guys who have helped in the bughunting and my gracious mirrorers.

Sorry for the my delay in posting this new update, but I couldn't do it before. Thanks

Enjoy ;)

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Cool, I'm the first to post in here :)

Installed it, great job :D

Btw, here is a link to the Full version on my site (for the download page)(I'll add the Lite version as well).

It may or may not load for you because my host is having a few problems atm, but I'm sure it'll be fixed soon enough ;)

Edited by Martijn
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I installed XPize v4.1 MCE this moring. I already love the new look of my windows. thumbup.gif

But there one slight problem. I can't enter the XPize Settings. I get this error:


Then I clicked cancel to debug but that doesn't work. I get this error no.gif


A manually debug doesn't work, too.

I already deinstalled and reinstalled XPize without any result.

Can anyone tell me what's wrong and how I can solve this problem?

I use WinXP SP2 Dutch

PS. I run .NET Framwork 1.1 and 2.0 with Dutch languagepack.

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XPero, great that you're still working on XPize! In 4.1 you didn't fix the timezone bitmap, someone posted a good one on this forum so I replaced it manually. It's good that you removed the battmeter because I use my own custom bitmap.

IMO the famous red X only used a little retouch but you made a completely different icon, which I don't like that much because it is a bit small and shows that the file will be placed in the recycle bin, even if you bypassed the recycle bin (there is a setting for it in Windows). I like more the red X like in the toolbar of Windows Explorer.

It's also good that the size of the installer is reduced. IMO you should not add cursors in the future. Most people use their own cursors. Personally I made Windows cursors out of the Silver theme for CursorXP. The Radix Phantasma cursor set also looks great with the Royale theme.

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The only problem I have is the Custum Icons can't be rebuilt I went to windows media player and made it the default player for all filetypes and got the old icon back, could you make it so when we run XPreload it checks the custum icons too :thumbup ? I love the new wmp icons looks MUCH nicer.


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I have a problem with new 4.1 release ... and it applies to applications built on .NET framework, 1.0. The buttons are larger than they should be, and aplications do not look as they should, like if some visual setting is larger than it should be. Resolution is 1152x864 - maybe this is related to high resolution fixes?. Not sure if this applies to .NET 1.1 or 2.0. With 4.0 this problem does not exist.

Edited by Bagsnak
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The icons for .config and .doc files still look oldfashioned to me.

Not exactly the .doc files but files associated with WordPad, if you associate it with Word then it looks different off course.


When I wanted to include the attachment I saw that some icons had a black background. This is only here in Internet Explorer to attach a file to a post, it's not in other "Save as" or "Open" dialogs.

The visual style is not always applied to the buttons "OK", "Apply", "Cancel",... I don't know if that is because of the UXTheme Patch in XPize or because of me.


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Maybe the FontSubstitutes pointing to Tahoma is the reason. I will look at it


I need to know where those icons are stored, so I can replace them with nicer ones. I will try to find them.

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The .doc, .rtf and other WordPad icons are in Program Files\Windows NT\Bureau-accesoires\wordpad.exe (maybe a bit different in English).

The .config icon is in WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v1.0.3705\System.dll

In this file there are more of those ugly icons.

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