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Chipset Fan dying so fast?


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I bought an Asus A8N-SLI Deluxe MoBo two months ago, now my Chipset fan is very loud and sounds like a grasscutter or chainsaw. it goes on and off all the time and since yesterday my Network connection (Nvidia) stopped working until next reboot, and the screen went back for a second and came back again. Has anyone else have similar experiences? if so I'l ask my dealer if I can have a A8N-SLI Premium in exchange and give him a small charge 30$ or so, with its heatpipe I'll escape from such annoyances.

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Mobo's (or vid cards) with little cheap fans on them are the pits! Finding the exact replacement fan can be a real chore and even then you just get another piece of c..r..a..p fan that's going to fail in just a few months anyway.

I had one of them Asus mobo's and couldn't get rid of it fast enough to suit me.

I'll NEVER have another mobo or vid card with a cooling fan on it. NEVER!

Having said that.....while I did have that poc Asus mobo, I took the little fan off of the board and cleaned and oiled it several times. It's really not that hard to do. Use a hypo needle to inject a tiny bit of high grade machine oil through the oil seal on the bottom of the fan.

You can get several years of use out of one of them little fans with a little "clean & oil" every few months.

Good Luck,


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