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Running IPB 2.1.3 - Bugs in here please


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Invision Power Board 2.1.3 is a maintenance release and includes over 70 bug fixes as well as enhancements to the upgrade system.

BUGS FIXED (IPB 2.1.2 -> IPB 2.1.3)

[JS] PHP variable for session id used in javascript

[Portal] Setting group title missing from titlebar

Moderating team sorted by name instead of display name

[LDAP] New user registration email is missing the new member's name

[AJAX] Ability to enter blank topic title, causing no link to form

Memberlist sorting by name instead of display name

[JS] Syntax error in rte_html.js

[ACP] Broken page span links on email logs pages

[ACP] Deleting task logs was deleting entried newer than x days instead of older than x days

Users can view pinned topics even if permission not to view others topics is set to no

Adding attachmentid tags to topics are not stripped if there are no attachments

[Mods] Moderators cannot use warn panel if ban abilities set to no

[JS] STD Editor, using color selection, cursor jumps to beginning of postarea

[JS] Smilies always inserted at end of post in IE

[skin] Using 100% of your attachment space does not graphically appears as so

[skin] Long topic title causes topic options box to fall outside of maintitle div

[skin] Long PM text causes text to fall outside of My Assistant box

[skin] Minor skin issue with smilie table with certain settings

[skin] Two minor skin issues corrected

New lines not parsed in signatures when HTML enabled for signatures

[RSS] Attachments not parsed on export

Manual Upgrade SQL files do not include ibf_cache_store creation query

[ACP] Restricted admins can change members group to a non restricted admin in ACP

[AJAX] Edited by legend not appended to post when AJAX used

[AJAX] Post Icon removed when Quick Edit Used

[Reg] Banned email address is misleading

[Mods] Opening/Closing topic from AJAX forum view does not log moderator action

[Msg] Double line breaks if you use RTE editor and preview a PM

[PM] Line breaks not preserved properly in popup window.

[Mods] Cannot close/open a topic that has been altered by the new topic open/close time settings

[ACP] Login Manager has broken link to export method

[Mods] Member Look-Up Tool does not search display names

[ACP] Admin can pre-register a username that is more than 32 characters, but user can't login with it

[Cal-RSS] No Description set for Calendar RSS Feeds

[ACP] Invalid HTML used when entering forum rules can break the Rules Editing page

[Cal] Deleting default calendar (id 1) results in no calendar access

[ACP] Search for mod logs without entering any search text causes SQL error

[ACP] Recount tool sets last registered member's name instead of display name

[Polls] IP Address not stored when a vote is recorded

Charset hardcoded into lofi page

[subs] Fixed a broken link in the navigation bar

Fixed hardcoded texts in reported files (New file: lang_tar.php)

[MSG] Fixed defaulted options for save/preview, CC Users flag not showing in Saved Message List

[RSS] Link not properly parsed if HTML is preserved on import

Added in JPE support for thumbnail generation

Non-English characters in bbcode or smilie replacement code do not work in Quick Edit

Size 1 font reverted to 8pt due to popular demand

[RSS] Custom bbcode not parsed when exporting RSS feed

[Mods] Forums drop down menu using Short-Forum jump setting incorrectly

[Chat] Members chatting does not pull correct variable on new installs

[ACP] Hide display name member search field when not enabled

[Mods] Forums drop down menu using Short-Forum jump setting incorrectly

[Chat] Members chatting does not pull correct variable on new installs

[ACP] Hide display name member search field when not enabled

[Posting] Editing topic specifying open/close times does not close topic

[ACP] Bulk Mail, non-html emails display as html

[search] Some characters return as ? when using My Assistant search

[Mods] Moderator 'After Posting' drop down not properly generated for moderators

[ACP] Copyright Removal component at top of list causes blank Components page

[NEW FEATURE] RSS Feeds now support .htaccess authentication

[ACP] Skin differences report gives SQL error

[blog] Link on member_bar still using cmd=

[CAL] Ranged events showing a day ahead/behind under some circumstances

[CAL] RSS Feeds blank when they are regenerated on page load

[NEW FEATURE] Ability to set Topic Filtering option per forum in the ACP

[JS] Added ability to enter a blank description through the AJAX topic desc. edit

[ACP] Minor skin issue during login (calling an image at an invalid path)

[RSS] Multiple feeds - not all feeds update properly

[RSS] RSS Import task not logging imports

[RSS] One RSS feed with errors causes updates to all feeds to halt

[RSS] Not all errors returned when an RSS feed reports them

[Warn] Ability to warn users permission setting for mods not preserved properly

[CAL] Calendar RSS Feeds overwrite one another

Please post any bug in this thread.


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If you go to my profile then click view members post, under the post in the poll: Jeans.

You will see all this:

|-- General Discussion |---- The Poll Center |---- Funny Farm |-- Introduce Yourself! Microsoft Operating Systems - Software Discussion & Support |-- Microsoft Windows XP |-- Windows NT4/2000/2003 |---- HFSLIP |-- Windows 95/98/98SE/ME |---- Unofficial Win98 SE Service Pack |-- Windows Vista (formerly Longhorn) |-- Windows XP 64 Bit Edition |-- Windows XP Media Center Edition |-- Microsoft Office 2000/2002/2003/XP |---- Microsoft Outlook |---- Microsoft Frontpage |---- Microsoft Excel |---- Microsoft Word |---- Microsoft Access |---- Microsoft PowerPoint Unattended Windows Discussion & Support |-- Unattended Windows |---- Unattended RIS Installation |-- Application Installs |-- Device Drivers |-- Windows PE |-- Multi-Boot CD/DVDs |-- Setup Billboard Screens for Windows Software, Hardware, Media and Games Central |-- Software Hangout |-- Hardware Hangout |-- Gamers Hangout |-- The Media Hub (Not Win XP MCE) |-- Networks, Internet and Security |---- Malware Prevention |-- Handheld Devices Member Contributed Projects |-- nLite |-- DriverPacks General Discussion |---- DriverPack Chipset |---- DriverPack Graphics |---- DriverPack LAN |---- DriverPack MassStorage |---- DriverPack Sound |---- DriverPack WLAN |-- Windows Post-Install Wizard (WPI) |-- XPize |-- Other Member Contributed Projects |---- Windows Installation Helper Utility |---- XPCREATE |---- Windows XP PowerPacker |---- Hotstream Customizing Windows |-- Customizing Windows |---- XP Visual Styles |---- XP LogonUI & Boot Screens |---- Wallpapers & Icons |-- Windows Desktops Screenshots |-- Windows Tips 'n' Tweaks The Developers Center |-- Graphics and Designing Art |---- Signatures |-- Web Development (HTML, Java, PHP, ASP, XML, etc.) |-- Programming (C++, Delphi, VB, etc.) |-- Server - Side Help (IIS, Apache, etc.) Miscellaneous |-- Technology News |-- Websites and Boards |-- Site & Forum Issues GO

With a GO button ending it. I did not type that in!

I beileve this will happen to other users aswel.

Please have a look and fix the problem.

I have JUST discovered the problem, it's not to to with that post. When you view anyones posts, using that search; that last post on each page will display that. LAST POST! Try it your self.

Edited by sonu27
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sonu27 I have no idea what are you talking about. If I go to your profile and find member posts, everything looks fine.

btw, I found another bug there.

Edited by xper
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yep i can see it.

i think this has nothing to do with you or your profile, i think is some kind of weird error from search posts feature.

another example

1 thing: maybe is just me but when i click "view new posts", on the list, some polls are marked as readed. will show screen asap

this only happens with polls, meaning on the list i see between unreaded posts some readed polls... weird lol :P

Edited by SiMoNsAyS
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I still see it.

It could be because it's my profile; look at screenshot.


That's page 1, same thing happens for 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, NOT 5. The rest I am not going to check. 27 pages. LOL

Tell me what you think it could be.

I see it as well. Firefox 1.5 RC2

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  • 4 weeks later...

Minor graphic issue with polls and inbox.

The bar.gif file hangs below the bar left and bar right by one pixel. So I suppose that it needs to be a 1x7 gif image. :)

Edited by Tarun
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