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Thanks! 133 MB is a bit big. So this is where all the bloat in Vista is! ;)

Edit: Hmm, they seem a bit buggy with these patches and stuff, but the new look is nice and they're fun to play. I didn't pay attention earlier to the notes about the games in Vista. I didn't realize they were revitalizing the games and even adding some.

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I ,ade the games and patches available, but I never got it to work here. When I try to install I get entry point not found. How did you all get it to work?

I ran the patch on the exe, copied the emulation dll into the folder with the game and ran it. I got Solitare and Minesweeper to work. They both ran fine but crashed on exit. I couldn't get Spider Solitare to run. After that I googled and saw screenshots of the rest of them and decided I had enough fun.

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