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Spy Sweeper Corruption Problems


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I used an older version of Spy Sweeper for many months without any problems.

During the last definitions update an error message appeared. It said the new

update was corrupt so it would restore the backup file. It also mentioned a

possible conflict with my firewall. I haven't made any changes to the firewall.

Spy Sweeper never had any problems downloading and installing it's updates

until a few days ago.

I decided to completely uninstall the app and try the latest version. I've got

software that tracks each install so when you're ready to remove the app you

have a complete record of all folders, files, and registry entries. After you

uninstall the app you can eliminate anything that was left behind.

When I installed the latest version a similar error message appeared. This time

it said I should try installing the app again. I think I know what's going on, but I

don't know how to fix the problem. Spy Sweeper will successfully download the

latest masters.mst file, but if you click on "Home" or "About" (depending on your

version) its obvious that the app is not loading the definitions file. Instead of seeing

the update version number it says something like, "no definitions file loaded."

If Spy Sweeper didn't get such high marks in the computer mags as the best spyware

killer I think I would just abandon the app. I really would like to resolve this problem,

so I can continue using Spy Sweeper.

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Use Ad-Aware, Spybot and M$ AntiSpyware. These are the best 3 ones. This is not a biased opinion. Even my instructors at college (where I learn about hardware and software) use these.

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Iv'e had the same problem for about a month now, it was due to expire

on january next year but seeing it has had a problem for the last month

I uninstalled it, a full legit purchase too, the only time it ever found anything

though was when the definitions were updated, which got me a little suspicious

as I also have AdAware pro installed , which hardly ever found anything, which

made more sense to me - for a system that was used about 10 times a month

just to visit forums & do netbanking..all up about 10 hours on the net, yet the

stuff spysweeper found was a little hard for me to accept as true....who knows.. :unsure:

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