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.Net Framework 2.0 FINAL is OUT!


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so with this we have no reason to use Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 SP1 right? Or do we need to install both?

You'll probably need both. .NET 1.1 and 2.0 are different frameworks (don't ask me why). I've heard of people running into troubles with just 2.0 installed.

or you can extract the files from dotnetfx, and repackage using iexpress...I got mine 10K smaller than the original.
I don't have IExpress... just 7-zip. :(
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everyone has iexpress...open run dialog and type iexpress...it comes with internet explorer.
Interesting... *evil laugh* You learn something new everyday. Thanks evilvoice! :)
thats what i thought, ill just stick with 1.1 SP1 for a while then. :whistle:
You can stick with it for now. There will be apps released in the future that will require .NET 2.0 (Notebook Hardware Control is one of them that needs it right now).
thanks Zxian, im just used to seeing RyanVM come up with the switchless silent installers for things like the framework, java, hotfixes.
Hehe... ;)
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I haven't heard of any conflicts between the two versions. I have heard of people using only .NET 2.0 and running into problems... but then again, I'm not the be-all-and-end-all of info. :P

Anyways... I made a new installer for English only. It's a bit smaller than the full version, so for those people who need to squeeze every KB out of their UA CDs, this is for you. I've tested it myself without any errors, but as always, let me know if you find any.

.NET Framework 2.0 Silent Installer - English Only - 22.3 MB


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You don't need to repackage it, unless I missed something, it will install silently without rebooting with this command:

dotnetfx.exe /q:a /c:"install /l /q"

Worked for my 32bit install. Haven't tested x64 yet, will get to that tomorrow.

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