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PSP ... Best thing since Peanut Butter!

I love it. I have 2

1 Black - Used for homebrew - and some [cough] ISOz [/cough]

1 White FOR GTA:LS and for SOCOM (can't wait to get this one)

(Yes, I know I can downgrade. But trust me when I say - SOCOM will require 2.5! - I wanna see someone downgrade from that)

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i dont really like it. to me its a waste of money. i prefer nintendos handhelds. thats my opinion anyways so dont take it personal. i just hate topics going in console/handheld wars.

I hate netendo handhelds! I realy hate the DS the screen gets scratched up so easily. And they dont have very good games for it. PSP is so much better its expensive but it is all worth it.

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