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Best PDA out for Christmas


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Ok everyone, I am looking to get the best PDA possible for christmas. It is the only thing I want and I want the works on it. However, I do not want any smartphones though. I hate cellphones and the last thing I want on my PDA is a cell phone. I want stuff like wireless internet, and bluetooth. Pretty much everything but a smartphone will do. The only problem is I have never looked into PDAs or read up on them so I know nothing about them except that they are cool as hell. Does anyone out there have recommendations for me on which one I should ask for for christmas.

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I know you said you do not want a PDAwith a cell phone in it...

BUT I can be rather useful due to the GPRS option that comes along with the cell phone.

I have just been give the HP6515 Mobile messenger by my work, and it definitely covers all major areas in my opinion.

GPS / GPRS / GSM Tri. / Bluetooth / Irda.

I have since acquired a wireless network card for it, so now I can get -and stay connected almost everywhere I move.

I can highly recommend it.

Kind Regards.

Martin Andersen

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Both my friend and I went for the Dell X50v.

They are brill.

Nice colours VGA large screen, very stable, wireless, and bluetooth, and in small compact form factor.

Dell have offers on from time to time, so keep looking.

HP hx4700 has better screen and larger (VGA) but horrible touchpad

Also HX4700 is being discontinued.

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