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  1. I wonder if her mouth got washed out with soap
  2. You can (I believe) download a trial version of InstallShield... you could also learn and use NSIS.
  3. C# Delegate Tutorial Perhaps this would help you? Delegates and pointers (C++) have always confued the crap out of me...
  4. I think the bottom layer needs to be set to full (100%) opacity for that to work.
  5. Announcing The XIFL Project Have a look! http://www.xiflproject.org/ Any suggestions you have are completely welcome. You can post them here if you like
  6. I don't think you can get the exact original image, but you could average the 4 images and get something in the middle.
  7. ...and it will probably never be. I could see chaos with people accidentally deleting accounts, logging into others' accounts and deleting them... reeeally bad idea.
  8. Probably A and C. Why bother unregistering anyway? Just log out and never log back in again...
  9. That seems to be what he wants. You can edit the skin templates, and add banners there.
  10. You could do simple find and replace on things like (make it <strong>), etc.. and then add a simple HTML header and footer to each file.
  11. Well, start off by telling us how much C++ you know so far; run us through the basics. And if I weren't so busy right now, I'd code it for you.
  12. Make sure you have no other 2.4ghZ devices running around the house.
  13. The video is a short WMV file in the Windows folder, search for all WMVs and you will find it. Don't know about the please wait screen, did you look in the OOBE resources?
  14. Hey, there's a big long thread at Aqua-Soft.org in the Community Applications section for more information.
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