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Here's the problem I'm experiencing with 98lite.....

After installing 98lite on a clean install.....

Trying to install DirectX 9.0c and I get some weird error that the CAB files can't be trusted and the install aborts.

Some kind of Cryptography error of the CAB files.

Does 98lite remove some program that is required for the CAB files to be processed?

Any luck with this? As mentioned in this thread, I've had no luck with it even with following the instructions given by Atyafi.

Of course, I've already got all my drivers and such installed, so that might be the issue.

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I haven't had a problem installing DX9.0c on 98lite install - lucky, I guess :)

The order I did the install, a combination of reading various threads, mainly under win 98SE unofficial SP2, was:

1. clean install win 98SE

2. 98lite (great program, worth every penny :thumbup )

3. logitech mouse driver

4. (recommended, but ignored by yours truly: - IE 6.0 SP1)

5. Direct X 9.0c

6. ATI win98 graphics driver

7. Gape's excellent unofficial SP 2.1a for win 98SE - it "kicks a**"

8. MDGX's win98SE2ME - also excellent.

It seemed to work for me.

Good luck.

PS: a few days later, I changed my mind & installed IE 6.0 SP1 (actually before MDGX 98SE2ME). System seems a bit faster with IE 6 - totally subjective opinion, though.

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NO, you NEED your own Win95 files and, from a legal standpoint, a valid LICENCE for BOTH Windows 95 AND Windows 98.

Nope, that is NOT true, you nead a licence for the exeading windows version.

that means you are even alowed to run windows 95 if you only have a windows xp home licence (instead of //// not alongside)

user model look somthink like this.

if you have windows xp (home edition) you may also use, windows ME, all versions of 98, 95 and preseding versions like win v3.11

if you have windows xp (pro edition) you may use xp home, but also windows 2000 pro, and windows NT 3.0 3,5 and 4.0 (workstation version)

if you have MCE you may juse also xp home (not pro).

But again only instead of, not along side .....

This means whoever has WinXP & Win98SE licence are welcome to use my Win95/WinME files

I don't want to break any laws thats why i'm asking.

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This means whoever has WinXP & Win98SE licence are welcome to use my Win95/WinME files

I don't want to break any laws thats why i'm asking.

Unfortunately this is true for Volume License owners (=corporations) only and in some special cases.

Some information is here: http://www.microsoft.com/about/legal/permi...ns/default.mspx

This document


(related to Volume licensing) states that:

Downgrade rights are not granted under most FPP system licenses, including:

· Microsoft Windows

· Microsoft Windows 95/98

· Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional

· Microsoft Windows XP Professional

The OEM EULAs for most OEM versions of systems software do not grant downgrade rights. The exception is the OEM EULA for Microsoft Windows XP Professional, which grants downgrade rights. See the full text of the OEM EULA for the specific downgrade rights. However, there are no downgrade rights granted for Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition.
Please note, OEM downgrade versions of Windows XP Professional are limited to Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional, Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0, and Microsoft Windows 98 (Second Edition).
So you see no Windows 95, no Windows Me.

AFAIK the downgrade for regular users, both for FPP and OEM products, is prohibited.

It may be different for different countries. For example, in our country, there is special limited offer of "legalization" package that contains Windows XP Professional in Czech localization and that contains the downgrade rights. But it is limited to this one version (not for Home) in this one language (Czech) and this offer is not endless.

I believe you can ask Microsoft for downgrade, I've seen the form somewhere. But I don't know if Microsoft will agree.


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I have the 98lite Pro Version.And it IS SICK!!!You can totaly use it on 95 or 98(se).But a not of caution--whatever you do do not unintall Internet Explorer.It will totaly screw up your systems explorer folders and stuff.

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For what it's worth here's my 'two cents' worth about 98Lite. It's an awesome program. Worth every penny and more besides. I've tried it on 3 different PC's.

Yes, it did take me several attempts and a few formats to 'get the hang' of using it. One lesson I learned, a bit of knowledge of MSDOS or FREEDOS (or similar) can be a real 'life saver'.

I had no trouble installing Direct Xc. I followed Shane Brook's advice on the 98Lite website, under the FAQ/Support section.

'Ieradicating' Internet explorer never gave me any problems with Windows98SE itself. A few programs 'complained' it wasn't there, so I either didn't use them or installed Internet explorer as a 'stand alone' program.

As regard needing 3 versions of Windows a quick search on eBay will give some options for obtaining legit copies, for far less than a legit copy of WinXP.

Gape's service pack improved an already (for me) very stable Win98SE.

Waywyrd :)

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You ONLY need a copy of Windows 95 if you ar going to install the "MICRO" version of 98Lite, you do not need it for the Sleek, Chubby and Bloated versions (I always used the Chubby version as even the "Sleek" version seemed a bit to minimalist for me), and you only need Windows ME if you want to replace Win98SE dlls with ME dlls, or are planning on using 98SE2ME. Therefore you only need to have a licensed copy of Windows 98SE and a license for Windows ME OR Windows 95, as trying to use the Windows 95 shell to slim down Windows 98 AND using 98SE2ME seems to me to be trying to go in two opposite directions at the same time.

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