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  1. I'm in the process of getting a 64-bit dual core PC I know this is a subjective question, but, having read about incompatibilities/lack of support for win XP x64, Should I get win XP x64 or install win2k3 x86 (I have an eval. copy)? I would guess or hope that the compatibility/3rd party software support for win XP x64 will improve over time, perhaps related to Vista uptake - is this a valid assumption? Will Vista 3rd-party software run well on win XP x64? Thanks in advance for any advice. PS: I would prefer not to run Vista - not interested in eye-candy & bloat. currently running XP slimmed down with XPlite & litestep 0.24.7.
  2. Thanks jaclaz! Jaclaz "got" what I was referring to - LLXX's effort at a win98 "3rd" edition. That was excatly what I was referring to. I wonder how far its got? WW
  3. I have seen fleeting references to a windows 98 third edition (unofficial, of course) in this forum from time to time. I tried searching the forums with the MSFN search facility & it turned up some oblique refernces to a 3rd edition, but no details. So, does it exist? What is its status? WW
  4. A good lightweight linux distro is xubuntu, which is based on the popular ubuntu distro. It is said to install on PCs with as little as 128MB RAM. It is easy to install & use & you can add software easily. WW
  5. 1. Gnome 2. Xfce 3. Windowmaker Not keen on KDE, I just prefer simpler WMs. WW
  6. Graphics card update: I have replaced the suspect card (Radeon 7500) & replaced it. The new card works a treat & I have had no recurrence of the intermittent failure problem New PC spec: AMD Athlon XP 2400 1GB DDR RAM ATI Fire GL2 64MB graphics card The only slight problem is that the GL2, an impressive bit of "iron", is not so good for games..... Wild Weasel
  7. thanx for reply. When I power up the PC, the PC lights (LEDs) come on & the PC powers up like usual, but there is NO signal to the monitor. I have not changed any drivers recently. I might have an old graphics card lying around, I could try installing that & see what happens.
  8. waywyrd, Have you heard of reactos? http://www.reactos.org It seeks to build an NT compatible system, but under GPL, or a variant of that. However, it is still in beta 0.3.0. They say that when it reaches 0.5, it may be usable on a day-to-day basis. I am sure you know about Gape's unofficial windows 98 SE Service Pack - works a treat! By the time you "need" to give up win98, linux will be even better than it is now & there are so many distros - one will fit the bill, I'm sure. Wild Weasel
  9. Hello, I am getting intermittent graphics output failure on my PC: AMD Athlon Xp 2400 1GB DDR RAM ATI Radeon 7500 Sometimes I get graphics, sometimes not. It seems random. I do not get any system "beeps" or any warnings. This is a recent problem, the PC has served me well for 3+ years. The graphics card is well-seated in its slot. The monitor is OK, as it works fine with an old G4 powermac, which I am now using to post this. Any ideas? Help!
  10. I mainly use XP at work. For a giggle & nostalgia, I would like to run NT4 SP6a (fully-patched) on an old PIII PC. I know NT4 is now end-of-lifed. I am sure you guys will tell me if an NT4 PC goes onto the big, bad world of the internet, it will be a sitting duck. But I wonder to what degree 2006 spyware, malware, viruses etc. have been written for XP, win2K etc. rather than NT4, a 1996 OS. Are these programs tailored to XP, win2k specifically, or windows NT generally (NT4, NT5, NT5.1)? I will use firefox behind my broadband firewall/router & a software firewall (Kerio or Sygate). I understand the main anti-spyware programs e.g. Ad-Aware, Spybot S&D, Spyware blaster are compatible with NT4. I will harden the system with "secure-it" (available from Majorgeeks.com) - which I have used to harden XP. I may well use bblean as my main shell, avoiding IE altogether. How unsafe would such a PC be on the Net? Any suggestions on how to make NT4 safer, would be welcome. Wild Weasel
  11. wild weasel


    I haven't had a problem installing DX9.0c on 98lite install - lucky, I guess The order I did the install, a combination of reading various threads, mainly under win 98SE unofficial SP2, was: 1. clean install win 98SE 2. 98lite (great program, worth every penny ) 3. logitech mouse driver 4. (recommended, but ignored by yours truly: - IE 6.0 SP1) 5. Direct X 9.0c 6. ATI win98 graphics driver 7. Gape's excellent unofficial SP 2.1a for win 98SE - it "kicks a**" 8. MDGX's win98SE2ME - also excellent. It seemed to work for me. Good luck. PS: a few days later, I changed my mind & installed IE 6.0 SP1 (actually before MDGX 98SE2ME). System seems a bit faster with IE 6 - totally subjective opinion, though.
  12. mitchellovision, May be this is a silly question, but wouldn't it be better to concentrate on one project at a time? If you finish the windows ME SP, I would be interested, amongst many others, I suspect. However, having recently discovered that you have 2 or 3 "projects" on the boil at the same time, I'm not sure what to think! Call me old-fashioned......
  13. I have read the MSFN guide on converting windows server 2003 to a workstation OS - a good read I managed to install it on my PC & everything seemed to go OK, until I tried to connect to the net. My ISP supplied speedtouch 330 USB ADSL modem (very commonly supplied, I understand) didn't "play ball" with win 2003 I checked the manufacturer's site & there was no info on win2003 drivers. Any ideas on a solution? PS: has anybody managed to get Bitdefender antivirus working on windows server 2003? Its my preferred antivirus programme.
  14. barev, This is why these forums are so fantastic! Thanks for the info on this russian win9x hybrid OS. I did wonder about the legality issue Pity. In Russian only? even greater pity. C'est la vie. North Korea? Blimey. Thats a bit iffy. Yes, I've seen your post re: Memphis now. So much to learn about windows variants!
  15. I am relatively new to these forums but I have quickly learnt there's a hell of a lot of knowledge here So, can you chaps help solve this Russian mystery OS? I first read about it on Shellcity.net (cool site, loads of info). This WinBeos98 is apparently a hybrid of Win95, Mephis, Win 98 & WinMe Its enough to make the eyes water.... Any Russian-reading members of the forum or otherwise super-knowledgable forum members know what this is about? See it at: http://www.winbeos98.km.ru/ PS: what is Windows Memphis - a beta??? Cheers
  16. Saw this originally on OSnews.com: http://www.microsoft-watch.com/article2/0,...,1851768,00.asp I guess it will be of interest to some forum members who use/used Win95. (I started out on Win98SE) Apparently the fact that some people still use win95 is a cause of consternation at Microsoft......
  17. timeless, Interesting stats. Is it possible to tell if any of those win98 users were using 98SE with Gape's unofficial SP2? (Very interesting to see that there were more linux users than Mac OS X users!) I grow weary of the bloat & excess eye-candy of XP (which I deactivate & trim with XPlite) I am planning to resurrect an old PIII PC & install win 98SE with the unofficial SP2, & MDGX's tweaks & the 98 Revolutions pack. There are some great tweakers on these forums!
  18. I think virtually all XP users should install SP2. I have not noticed any performance hit or any adveres effects whatsoever. There's nothing to lose by installing XP SP2 as far as I can see. B) When you've added SP2, consider Autopatcher on www.autopatcher.com This adds all the latest post-SP2 updates. I discovered autopatcher recently on these forums. Its "sweeet", as they say But.....its a BIG download, so you need to have broadband. Cheers
  19. Blimey! Thanks for alerting us What is Symantec's track record on supporting Win 9.x ? I am inclined to agree with your suggestion..........
  20. Ooops, so "excited" to find out about this cool project, I forgot to say that I agree with the other posters (sic): Gurgelmeyer's unofficial win 2000 SP5 deserves its own forum USP5 deserves more attention (IMHO) Who can make this happen? Please? Pretty please? Yet another newbie
  21. Blimey! I just discovered this thread! Gurgelmeyer - your determination and commitment are amazing! I'm using XP SP2 at the moment, but I have an old-ish PC I might try out win2K & your new unofficial SP5. I was going to use 98SE SP2, but win 2000 is fundamentally more secure (& stable) without XP's bloat. Great work! I am glad to read that win 2000 unofficial SP5 will work with nlite. Will it work with litePC's XPlite (which trims win 2000 & XP)? Keep up the excellent work.
  22. Thanks Rhelic and all others for your helpful suggestions! As I mentioned, I will use firefox - its my default browser now I have been considering getting a hardware firewall, but I will probably use a software firewall for now (+ antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-trojan). Yes, I hope this doesn't turn into a Win 9x vs. XP flame-war too! I am not asking which is better - I want to try out win 98SE + unofficial SP2 + MDGX's tweaks + 98lite. I am using XP SP2 now & want to go retro for a bit. B)
  23. Thanks Miko. I will use firefox & K-meleon browsers (using firefox now). Thanks for advice on 98lite. My PC is not permanently connected to the net. Cheers
  24. Hi, Forgive me if this has been asked before. I have been persuing the unofficial win 98 service pack forums for several months, but haven't seen much/enough on this. How secure is win 98 SE with unofficial service pack 2.01 compared to newer windows (2000 SP4, XP SP2)? I have read in some security websites that win 9x series OSes cannot be made secure (!). That seems a bit black & white to me. I plan to use litePC's 98 lite as well + MDGX 98SE2ME +/- 98 revolutions. How do these affect security? I think they add all "latest" patches, but even with all these patches, is a suitably modded win 98 SE SP2 set-up safe enough to use for things like internet shopping? Or will it be trojan/worm/malware fodder? I will use firewall/antivirus/anti-spyware/anti-trojan as well (of course). Thanks for any help/advice. Wild Weasel (Yet another Newbie)

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