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64 bit Edition?

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(...)actually coded completely in 64bit.

Things aren't coded 'in a certain number of bits'. In actuality, Far Cry was most likely programmed to be portable across 32-64 bit platforms. This means passing sizeof(datatype) instead of an immediate number (some datatypes have different sizes on 64 bit platforms), and a few other related things. Really, if they've coded it properly, then porting it to native AMD64 would be a matter of just recompiling.

It's not as complicated as it's made out to be; I find that many of the people talking about compatibility and the programming of applications on AMD64 to have little or no C(++) experience.

You do realize that there is a 64bit edition of far cry don't you? I find it odd you would have problems in one of the few games that is actually coded completely in 64bit.
Really? My copy didn't work properly the last time I tried it... Might have been my DVD drive which I had to replace the month after. I haven't tried to install it anytime lately as I don't have too much time to game. heh....

My bad for the bad info.

You can download the 64-bit update.


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looking at it from the point of view of an complete noobie in terms of harrware n coding.


now whatever it means or even if it does not have any significance here,but it conveys smthng.

one of my friends once told me that 64 bit has more parellel running so you get faster performance. but i did not check it or verify it. am not into all this. so do not rely on what i said.

even i am moving over to win xp 64 bit. i heard it is far more stable.

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I dont know about parallel running. But yes it is better than 32 bit XP simply because the 64 bit version was built using Win 2k3 SP1 same as with Vista. So you get better and more robust memory management for starters. And possibly a more powerful task scheduler. and the NT kernel has some tweaks because the version is 5.2 instead of 5.1. If properly written 64 bit softwares exist it will be a lot faster than their 32 bit counterparts simply because of the increase in the number of registers. It is a great work by MS but it is sort of in limbo rihgt now because there are not too many drivers out for it.

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