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nVidia TV-Out Problem!


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Oki the problem is.

I got my hands on an old computer.

Everything works fine and I got it hooked up to my TV (using it as htpc)

but one problem remains (kind of big)

i cant get the movie i play on the computer to show up on the TV, media player classic its just all black on the TV

I am new to nVidia cards so ANY help would be much appriciated.

Thanx a bunch

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thats not the problem, you need to set the tv as your default/primary monitor or else it will show black on the secondary monitor. you can find that in the advanced display properties. also update your video driver, i know that the latest ati drivers allow you to see the movie on both screens but the old ones didnt.

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oki first of all ripken204, i dont have a ATi card in that machine. Its a nVidia Geforce 2 MX

And second after installing TVTool i got it working (to bad its tryoutware)

well all i need to do now is to have this configuration set to standard so i dont have to do this crap everytime i start the computer.

(by the way i actually have no ide what i did to get it to work with the black screen problem, so if someone still want to explain that would be nice)


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