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India vs Pakistan


Indo-Pak relationship!  

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  1. 1. If u were an indian will u help ur neighbour(pak)?

    • Yes! sure [voluntarily]
    • mmmm Yes ! [on compulsion]
    • No way ! did they help us?
    • Sensitive issue ! No comments

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hi all infoknights,

Well natural disasters in our world is increasing....

Two rival nations are shook bad due to the recent quakes.

yes boss..its INDIA & PAKISTAN..

we all know they are one among the few nations that are right to be called the rivals..

Had they be in union then more prosperity would hve been there and they would hve be cherished like anything.

At this moment pakistan is affected more than indian kashmir.

now at this moment

had u been an indian would u lend a supporting had to the pak people and will u help them?

yes sure ..they are ofcourse a part of us.!!! :thumbup


u say nay i will not and still keep away so as not to invite trouble? :no:

my vote to the 'Yes.they (were)are also a part of India!'



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