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NTLDR is missing

Dion Peddle

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Hi... I hope someone can help.

I think I may have accidently deleted the "NTLDR" file. Which I have been told is part of the boot startup.

All that appears on the screen is "NTLDR is mssing. Press any key to continue".

How can I retrieve the file? or start the OS?

I don't have the option to enter the BIOS either????? :(

The OS is Windows XP Home edition

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Assuming you have a full version of XP Home Edition, (i. e. not an OEM version), You might try using the Recovery Console.

Stick your XP CD in the drive before you boot up. Considering that you don't have the option to enter the BIOS you'll have to hope it's already set to recognize your CD-ROM before your hard drive. Cross fingers there. If you have an option to boot from CD then you're OK.

If you're still with with me you might try using FIXMBR via Recovery Console. Select a Repair Installation. If you have any other partitions on your drive you might lose all data on them. But you've no doubt backed up all important data, correct?

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