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Windows 2000 Bootscreen


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Hi, I'm trying to make a boot screen for windows 2000 (well edit the original) So it will load up first restart after installation.

The files I have are...





I try to open these files with WinRaR. But error I get is "This is not a valid win32 file".

So, change the extension to .EXE or .exe respectively.

Now I can open it in winRaR. Extract the contents.

If I extract NTOSKRNL.EXE (formally NTOSKRNL.EX_) I get a folder names NTOSKRNL and within the folder is ntoskrnl.exe.

OK, I use reshacker to change the background image (image 1) sticking to the 4bit 16 colours .BMP format.

Save the bootscreen.

Repack the folder with the bootscreen as NTOSKRNL.RAR. Then change the file extension to .EX_ .

This doesnt work. :(

What am I doing wrong?!

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im aware that .RAR is not .EXE ... you can't execute an archive.

RAR is an archive file.

EX_ is also an archive file.

EXE is an executable file.

I'm sure this is what is screwing it up. Just wondering if anyone had a guide for windows 2000 rather than the xp one.

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First of all see this website:

How To Change The Windows 2000 Boot Logo

Win2K Boot Logo Gallery

You can unpack NTOSKRNL.EX_ file with expand.exe command (this is a builtin unpack program for cab files). Open Command prompt in a right folder where your .ex_ file stores, and type this:

expand.exe ntoskrnl.ex_ ntoskrnl.exe

Then make any changes with Reshacker (I think you can use BMP file that is 640x480 with 16 colors /4 bit bmp/). Now make a cab files with also a bultin program, makecab.exe command in command prompt:

makecab.exe ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.ex_

Maybe works. Try it. :thumbup

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Ok, found out that if you add it unpacked it will use that screen when restarts occur DURING setup. But once windows is installed its back to the original windows bootscreen.

This means.. If you want a different boot screen for setup you just have to add your modified ntoskrnl.exe file to the i386 dir.

Your method above is working... its using my modified bootscreen for setup. Now once setup is finished i'll be able to see if its kept it. :D

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ok.. getting somewhere.. .looks like Not only do the ex_ files need to be opened/edited/repacked...

the sp4.cab and sp3.cab needs to be repacked with the .exe files.

How can I add or replace files to .cab archives?

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The most of the archiver programs not supported to create cab files (maybe Winace, try it).

But you can download from Microsoft the Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit:

Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit

Extract Cabarc.exe file from the archive to the system32 folder on your system.

Extract the cab file to a folder and make any changes with Reshacker.

Open the command prompt on the folder where your unpacked and modified files have. Then give this command:

cabarc.exe n sp4.cab *.*

This is one of the all way you can. If you read the cabarc.exe documentation, you will make it more simply.

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Cheers fellas... Heres what ive done so far...

Copy NTOSKRNL.EX_ , NTKRNLMP.EX_ , ntkrpamp.ex_ , ntkrnlpa.ex_ to a directory of my choice, from my I386 directory.

Unpack them using the

expand.exe <filename> <output filename>

Extract the bmp I want to edit from the unpacked file.

Edit them... then include them into the unpacked file.

Now repack them up to their original states using the...

makecab.exe <output filename> <filename>

Now copy and paste all my modified files back to the I386 directory (overwriting the orginals).

First bit done.

Now Extract SP4.CAB and SP3.CAB to a directory of my choice.

With the files I unpacked earlier I copy and paste them into the directorys containing the files unpacked from SP3.CAB and SP4.CAB. Overwriting the originals.

Then I used the

cabarc.exe n sp4.cab *.*

to repack the cabs.

Then copy the cabs back to the I386 Directory overwriting the originals.

A wollah!

I'm testing it now to see if it will keep my modified bootscreen after installation.

I'll get back to you if it works.

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a more detailed guide to follow if it works...

Ill include how to edit screen savers, and logon interfaces.

A great way to make a complete silent install disc to your company specifications. Using little touches like your company logo everywhere.

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