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  1. RSS Bandit --> freeware Screenshots OR Opera builtin RSS Reader
  2. The most of the archiver programs not supported to create cab files (maybe Winace, try it). But you can download from Microsoft the Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit: Microsoft Cabinet Software Development Kit Extract Cabarc.exe file from the archive to the system32 folder on your system. Extract the cab file to a folder and make any changes with Reshacker. Open the command prompt on the folder where your unpacked and modified files have. Then give this command: cabarc.exe n sp4.cab *.* This is one of the all way you can. If you read the cabarc.exe documentation, you will make it more simply.
  3. First of all see this website: How To Change The Windows 2000 Boot Logo Win2K Boot Logo Gallery You can unpack NTOSKRNL.EX_ file with expand.exe command (this is a builtin unpack program for cab files). Open Command prompt in a right folder where your .ex_ file stores, and type this: expand.exe ntoskrnl.ex_ ntoskrnl.exe Then make any changes with Reshacker (I think you can use BMP file that is 640x480 with 16 colors /4 bit bmp/). Now make a cab files with also a bultin program, makecab.exe command in command prompt: makecab.exe ntoskrnl.exe ntoskrnl.ex_ Maybe works. Try it.
  4. My Windows XP SP1 Hun updates list: Update Rollup 1: ------------------- KB826939.exe Hotfixes: ----------- Q322011.exe Q327979.exe Q810272.exe Q811114.exe q812415.exe Q814995.exe q818043.exe Q819696.exe KB817778.exe KB820291.exe KB821253.exe KB821588.exe KB823182.exe KB824105.exe KB824151.exe KB826942.exe KB828028.exe KB828035.exe KB828741.EXE KB833987.EXE KB835732.EXE KB837001.EXE kb838989.exe KB840374.EXE KB840987.exe KB841356.exe KB841533.exe KB841873.exe KB842773.exe KB871250.exe KB873333.exe KB873339.exe KB873376.exe KB885250.exe KB885523.exe KB885626.exe KB885835.exe KB885836.exe KB886677.exe KB888113.exe KB888302.exe KB890046.exe KB890859.exe KB891781.exe KB892944.exe KB893066.exe KB893086.exe KB893756.exe KB894391.exe KB896358.exe KB896422.exe KB896423.exe KB896428.exe KB898461.exe KB899587.exe KB899588.exe KB899591.exe KB901214.exe Windows XP Documentation Update: ------------------------------------------ q327405.exe MSXML update: ------------------ msxml3_sp7.msi msxml_4_sp2.msi KB832414_MSXML4.0_x86.exe Security Update for Microsoft Data Access Components: ----------------------------------------------------------------- HUN_Q832483_MDAC_x86.EXE Windows Installer Update: ------------------------------ WindowsInstaller-KB893803-v2-x86.exe ie6sp1 update: ----------------- IE6.0sp1-KB896727-Windows-2000-XP-x86-HUN.exe IE-KB903235-x86-HUN.exe Windows-KB870669-x86-ENU.exe oe6sp1 update: ------------------ OE6.0sp1-KB823353-x86-HUN.exe OE6.0sp1-KB887797-Windows-2000-XP-x86-HUN.exe oe6.0sp1-KB897715-Windows-2000-XP-x86-HUN.exe Microsoft Windows Script 5.6 update (Version: -------------------------------------------------------------------- scripthu.exe Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 update: -------------------------------------------- NDP1.1sp1-KB867460-X86.exe NDP1.1sp1-KB886903-X86.exe Windows Media Player XP update (I hate WMP9/10): ------------------------------------------------------------ KB832353.exe Windows Media Format 9.5 update: ---------------------------------------- WindowsMedia-KB891122-x86-HUN.exe DirecX 9.0c ------------- directx_9c_Aug05sdk_redist.exe I always check these websites: www.mdgx.com erpman1.tripod.com
  5. I think the free BgInfo program is a good alternativ program. I love it. You can find more information here: BgInfo webpage
  6. No. I made it myself. Thanks....
  7. Where can I find repacked directx9c package that needs a /q:a /r:n switch? Help me, please!
  8. I think the GDSView (v1.0.94) is a good alternativ for W2k users. Freeware program!!! Download Screenshots

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