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WOW anyone else here play?


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anyone else on these forums play world of warcraft? i assume some of you must seeing as its the most popular mmorpg.

if you do post what server you play on etc.

Arkanor 60 mage EU-Hellscream (might aswell delete him dont play him much anymore)

Malowned 60 rogue EU-Haumarush



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I've tried WoW, didn't like the graphics.. looked too much like a cartoon..

EQ2 > WoW


And EQ1 > EQ2 :D

I could not get immersed into WOW for the same reason, and EQ2 just doesn't do it for me either - too much a 'dumbed down' version of the original, though I still play occasionally. The result is that a huge number of people who left EQ1 for EQ2 and WOW are back on the original EQ again. In fact, they are putting a few of the EQ features back into EQ2 (buffing outside a group for example to quote one of the major pains) to try and keep people there.

Sony merged some of the original EQ servers and as a result the populations are pretty good these days. The graphics in the new expansions are easily the match (scenery wise) to EQ2 or anything else.


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