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RISult - Integrating RIS + RyanVM/BTS packs

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anyone knows why when I use the Driverpacks and add them to my RIS installation it does not do the cmdlines.txt anymore. Therefore also does not run the RunOnceEx.cmd.

Does this has to do with the setup.ex_ and the setuporg.exe?

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Fencer, great job with the RISult cmd file. Any plans to integrate this with BTS's new driverpack program and naming scheme? Thanks. :thumbup

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im eagerly waiting for risult to work with the new BTS system..

are you working on this one fencer??? can you give us an update..


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Hi Guys,

I've not disappeared entirely... ;)

I've just changed job and am busy setting up RIS there, along with a new RIS dev server I've bought for my home.

The end result is that I am looking at the new BTS installer and want to get it working with RISult ASAP.

I will keep you posted but it's not quite ready yet.

I'll post here as soon as I have more news.



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Hello all,

Andy I have a problem and question for you. I have been able to use RISult to create the RIS i386 folder and that process has not given me any issues. I copied the $OEM$ and i386 folders to the RIS server and stopped/started the remote installation service. Went over to a system I needed to load Windows XP on and started the install process and the process locks up at: Setup is loading files (IEEE 1394 Bus OHCI Compliant Port Driver)... Had this up for 24 hours and no change.

So I am stuck, not too sure where to go. It has to be either a process I am missing or a file/s that have not been incorperated properly.

I am using: RISult ver. 1.1.7

RVM_integrator ver 1.4

RVM update pack 2.1.0

DPs Base ver 6061

DPs Lan and Mass storage packs still 7-zipped.

I did get some error messages just before the end of the RISult process.

I just ran RISult again and at the end of the process it gave me a bunch of errors.


Let me know if you need anything else.

Ok, just as a quick update..the motherboard I try the first install on was the DFI RDX200 with the NF4 chipset. More then likely my problem was an issue with the NF4 chipset. I was able to install the RISult image on a MSI motherboard with a VIA chipset and it worked fine.

I would like to know if RISult is able to integrate the NF4 and NF5 lan drivers when placing the drives in the 3rd party folder and what is that process so I do not mess it up?


Edited by Compulsion

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Hey There

I've just been tasked with deploying 300+ desktop/laptops and thought of using RIS! I've seen what RISult can do so this morning I attempted to RVM and BTS into the RIS Install folder. However I am getting the following errors:

RISult v1.1.7

RVM Int. 1.4.1.exe

RVM Upd 2.1.1

BTS V 6.0.83

I modded the following within RISult.cmd to reflect the change of filenames:

SET INGR=RVM_Integrator_1.2.2.exe to RVM_Integrator_1.4.1.exe

* I then went to mod the files to reflect the latest RVM files and notice that they download as .7z extensions - do I need to rename or convert these files to be CAB's and if so what tool is recommended *

SET RMAIN=RVMUpdatePack2.0.5.cab to RMAIN=RVMUpdatePack2.1.1.cab

When the RISult.cmd gets to the point of integrating the Package it bombs out and displays that the file is invalid and suggests to browse to an alternative place...

I also noticed that the following calls within RISult.cmd point to previous versions of BTS:

SET BTSSLIP=BTS_DPs_Slipstreamer_V6034.cmd (does this need to be altered to reflect v6083.cmd) - I did search for this file but couldn't see it within the RIS folder!

Additionally this file call SET BTSEXE=BTS_DriverPacks_BASE_V*.exe should this be pointing to the DPs_BASE_6083.exe?

Apologies if these are lame questions :-)

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Hi Everyone,

I have been having lots of fun recently with RIS, RyanVM update packs and BTS driver packs. The result is that I realised that creating an unattended and fully integrated RIS risetup build that will install on most systems requires many tweaks/steps.

Now, given I like a bit of a project (it feeds the geek in me! :D ) I've spent the past month creating a batch file that does the following:

1. Converts a vanilla risetup i386 file set to fully resemble a CD based file set

2. Edits BTS batch files for unattended use

3. Integrates RyanVM's update packs

4. Integrates BTS's driver packs

5. Edits BTS batch files for RIS install

6. Converts the file set to fully resemble a risetup file set

7. Removes uneeded files

I've, rather cheesily, called the file "RISult" - mainly because I can't think of anything better! :P

For anyone that uses RIS on a daily basis, or has tried integrating RyanVM's and/or BTS's packs for RIS manually, this will hopefully prove to be very useful.

I have tested this a fair bit but welcome observations and suggestions as I wish to update the file regularly.

I have compiled a "to do" and "known issue" list, and will update as I can.

To do:

- Rewrite RISult using VB

Known Issues:

- None

RISult can be downloaded via:

[link dead, see first post in thread]

Please note, the following information is contained within RISult.cmd and is reproduced below for reference. Please read before use!!!

Please BACK UP your system/RIS files BEFORE use!
Although this file has been successfully tested, please realise that you use it AT YOUR OWN RISK!

This file is FREEWARE and can be used by anyone for any purpose

Tested with Windows 2003 Server (Standard and Enterprise) SP1, Windows XP Professional SP2 and RIS
Only the BTS method 2, GUIRunOnce, KtD=No configuration has been tested (RISult executes these options by default)
Only paths/filenames with no spaces in them have been tested

This script assumes that:

All initial files come from official, vanilla Microsoft VLP media with latest service pack slipstreamed
Risetup.exe has been used to copy up a vanilla Windows XP Professional SP2 CD to your RIS server
The i386 folder from the above has been copied to a local directory
You have ROBOCOPY installed on your PC (i.e.Install Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit)
The USER CUSTOMISABLE SECTION of the batch file below has been edited to suit your system
When all is done you will edit or replace the i386\templates\*.sif file yourself
You will need to restart the binlsvc service after batch file completion

RISult - a batch file for creating RIS compatible integrations

Last successfully tested with:

RyanVM Integrator Version: 1.2.2
RyanVM Update Pack Version: 2.0.5
BTS Base Pack Version: 6.03.4

RISult would not work without the significant effort of others
Please see the CREDITS section within for full acknowledgements

Version 1.1.7 (24/03/06)

Written by:
Andrew M Woodman - AKA Fencer128 (http://www.msfn.org and RyanVM forums)

IMPORTANT! - Before continuing Please make sure you have:

ECHO 1. Read and understood the statements at the top of the batch file
ECHO 2. Edited the "USER CUSTOMISABLE SECTION" at the top of the batch file

Please can people test it and let me know how it goes.

Good luck! ;)


EDIT: RISult has been updated. See included changelog for full details:

Download from:

[link dead, see first post in thread]

Hi Fencer128,

Is there any news on when RISult will work with the new Driver Packs (BASE 6.08.6)? It doesn't seem to work with the current batch file.

Edited by cluberti
Link is dead, see first post.

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Hi Everyone,

Long time no see, to say the least!

Well, having let this drag on since May without much update or contribution - Bashrat's recent realisation that life is overtaking free time has finally caught up with me too.

When I was working in my last job (pre-May 2006) I had enough spare time to devote to RISult and the attention to detail it required. In February or March that year I finally decided to bite the bullet and recode from DOS to VB. However, I hadn't reckoned on the job change that was approaching.

I was offered a greatly improved post and salary at a different company and so moved employer with much enthusiasm. However, it soon became apparent that this was an all consuming not-enough-hours-in-the-day affair, without the project time I was used to. I thought I'd be able to work through this initial position and end up with the time I had previously. Regrettably, 7 months along I'm still far from realising this and have had to reserve any development purely for urgent in-house scenarios. I haven't got the reliable or fully functional VB app I'd intended and so have, regrettably, decided to call it a day. Even the code I have now does not work acceptably with Bashrat's new utility. Because of this postion, I have decided that there will be no further public development of RISult from myself :( .

I've looked very briefly at Roguespear's new app and that seems the logical way forward. From previous conversations I know he has to the knowledge and skills to deliver first rate RIS solutions so would advise anyone still using RISult to investigate this.

Thanks to everyone that made use of RISult, sorry for letting you down and good luck for the future,


ps I will still be around on MSFN from time to time, just not coding too much!

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