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NFM's Windows XP / 2003 x64 Post-SP1 Update Pack


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Why would like to use Ryans? Is it because of Unlocker or other programs? If yes, I would add them but they do not support 64-bit OS.

You can't use Ryan's addons because it's not compatible with x64 infrastructure and his pack contains all files that were meant to work under 32-bit OS.

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Well I just got my x64 install up and running. I used the 1.0.4 pack with the addons as well.

Must say that everything went perfect. I did some heavy nLite'ing and this install really flys. Microsoft update reports no hotfixes. :thumbup

Thanks :lol:

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looks like i'm about to make the upgrade to 64-bit as well! :D i got ~75kB/s upload here on my web server, and would be happy to provide an additional mirror for the packs! i'll maybe even mirror Ryan's 32-bit packs as well, just for old time's sake.. ;)

keep up the good work, everyone! :thumbup

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