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NFM's Windows XP / 2003 x64 Post-SP1 Update Pack


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Yes, you will have to wait for 1.0 b7 to come out, although it will actually be renamed to 1.0 RC1 when it is released. Kamil has been working with nuhi to add support for the x64 pack in upcoming nLite.

Unfortunately most plans are stalled until new nLite is released. Because current version has many problems with x64.

I am still waiting for that before I integrate the NFM update pack into my x64.

Thanks for keeping the pack updated Kamil, very good job so far. :D

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I am trying to integrate these packs into my win xp x64 pro corp.


When I only integrate the updatepack everything seems to be going fine.


However, when I try to integrate the update pack with addons I get a error message saying that: " Setup can not set the required Windows configuration information... " right after copying files is completed and gui part should start.

I am working as described above: clean install source using the script and afterwards using latest nlite 1.0b6(I believe) to disable the SFCOS.

I am testing this on VMWARE beta5.5 (support for x64guest OS) on AMD 64bit CPU equiped with win2k3 server x64.

I have tried everything: not using nlite at all, manualy editing txtsetup.sif etc..., nothing seems to work.

What I would like to know: is anybody using VMWARE in combination with these packs?

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Hi @devilrunner

I'm afraid tha HIVCLS32.INF and HIVSFT32.INF get corrupted with nLite 1.06b. This does not happen with next version 1.0RC1, that was one I was beta testing. Right after integration of both pack and addon check HIVCLS32.INF and HIVSFT32.INF in amd64 dir to see if they're still ~300KB, nLite could wipe out all entries from it. If it did, recopy them from clean source. And yes I use the same version of Vmware.

This all could be fixed by just one file: hacked sfc_os.dll, but I had no success hacking it, that way nLite has to do this when addons used.

@Anon5710 Thanks for mirror!

EDIT: I confirm, this is a major 1.06b bug, either wait for 1.0RC1 or try to use 1.05b nLite.

Edited by Kamil
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So If I understand correctly;

A clean source with just your pack and the addons integrated with the script should just work fine as nlite isn't used then.

The only problem then is the SFC?

Why don't you just modipype your addon files so that windows doesn't b***h about it anymore?

Anyway gonna try that very soon :D

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You got it right devilrunner,

I would like to include patched sfc_os.dll with my addon to disable WFP, but I didn't have success hacking that file, nobody till today hacked that file. There's one for WinXP SP2 but no for x64 ;) . Just don't use addons for now, wait till nLite 1.0RC1 comes out. Or PM me and I will send you 1.0RC1 beta so everything will work.

Right now I need your help to hack sfc_os.dll for x64!

Edited by Kamil
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