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  1. I am used to installing Xpize and the likes with unattended switches. /S /noboot etc.... I noticed that this doesn't work with energize? How can I use unattended installation and is there by any change a /novistadrive switch :-) Congrats on the great looking expansion....
  2. Thx man... U rock! I expect to be releasing my own drivers from cd method with this fix very soon... So we can all get rid of that resume/wait/resume/wait fix. Many thx to madboy
  3. Well I don't like it either but it's the only way arround the setdevicepath limitations for me.. I am using quite allot of drivers:-) Would it be able to receive the code of that routine? I am having problems with pyron's exe in conjunction with a suspended setup.exe as illustrated (HERE) I don't like the available setup.exe resume/wait/resume solution.
  4. This does exactly as the topic title says. It installs .MSP files it finds in the same folder. I quickly wrote this AutoIT program so that I can install the .MSP office2k3 hotfixes in a easy fashion. Future hotfixes just go in the same folder and the program will detect them, and install them. Try it out, let me know what you think... 1.Just compile it into an exe(or leave it as source and put autoIT3.exe with it to execute) The normal AutoIT fashion;) 2.create a folder somewhere(doesn't matter where) 3.Put in that folder this program/script along with the .MSP files you extracted from the hotfixes. 4.Simply execute the program/script and watch it install your hotfixes Feel free to add/modify this to your wishes... ***Maybe this can be moved to member contributed projects? MSPUPDATER_SOURCE.au3
  5. Does your program use external programs for : SetDevicePath & SetupCopyOEMinf? Or does it use internal code that does the same thing? I am looking for a SetupCopyOEMinf alike routine... What's wrong with SetupCopyOEMinf.exe you ask? Well this is heavily dependant on API calls and if one has suspended all processes until SetupCopyOEMinf finishes this API isn't active.
  6. @sonic SETUPCopyOEMinf hangs are due to the suspended setup.exe process. SETUPCopyOEMinf needs a DLL CALL that setup.exe provides...offcourse being suspended this gives problems... This is prolly the problem you are having @... The only solutions (for the SETUPCopyOEMinf freezing) so far are: -Use a ticker script that pauses,resumes,pauses,resumes the setup.exe process...like the one in this topic -Use the FAKE setup.ex way Personally I don't like any of these methods... The first is heavily dependant on the computer speed. The second provides no real GUI so the user doesn't really see anything happening, this it also the case with the first method...the setup.exe seems to have hanged.(And we don't like to show ugly batch windows ) I was thinking that there are prolly better ways of doing this. Like suspending all the threads that setup.exe spawned except the one that SETUPCopyInf needs Rewriting setup.ex_ so that the detachedprogram isn't run detached? I started a topic concerning the matter : (HERE) Srry for my bad english
  7. I have been reading allot about the freezing problem... It would apear that lot's of people have this problem and that it has to do with the suspended setup.exe process... Some API call that is blocked by the inactive suspended setup.exe process. The Solutions I have read about include a ticker script that suspends and resumes the setup.exe with a timer interval. Offcourse this doesn't apear to be a very nice solution to me... Does anybody have any other suggestions? Psuspend or pausep having better luck? Maybe someone can suspend all threads that setup.exe spawned except the CALL that setupcopyoeminf needs? help would be much apreciated by the whole forum I guess ***Just an idea ***If we could rewrite setup.exe to run the detachedprogram in a wait state. ***Meaning that it wouldn't be detached anymore, much like a start /Wait command ***If you get my drift?
  8. I have a very weird problem. I am using the very good driver packs from driverpacks.net. I am installing them with SetupCopyOEMInf @ the T39 min stage of windows setup. Everything goes fine up until it gets to the genHCFk.inf file in one of the driverpacks. location of file : D\D\C\1 from (DP_Modem_wnt5_x86-32_187.7z) SetupCopyOEMInf just hangs on that file resulting in the whole setup not continueing. Does anybody else have this problem? Is there a skip or timeout option on SetupCopyOEMInf? Maybe the problem is in illegal set of chars in genHCFk.inf? I am attaching the file, maybe someone has a clearer mind then me @ this time...I am quite stund by this problem. ***I tested the same script in a installed normal environment and that doesn't seem to suffer from this weirdness.... genHCFk.inf
  9. I like your program and would like to see the code for this... I see you made it with autoit? Could I get the decompile pasphrase?
  10. It would be nice to have uninstall functionality... Some adjustments to the gcond or cond statements which automaticaly scans which wpi items are installed. Then if you uncheck them again items are uninstalled with the uninst[pn]= statement. Just an idea. Could this be done?
  11. Yes that's what I think to. However this isn't the behavior one would expect from a installer program. The old WPI didn't do this and waited nicely for the process to complete. Think I am going back to good old WPI 4.x
  12. I have a problem with the new WPI 5.x. I guess it's a known problem but can't find a solution anywhere. In my config.js there are allot of 7z sfx installers(office2k3,.net framework,etc..) After they are extracted they start installing on their own. The problem is that this new WPI doesn't wait for them to install.... It proceeds with the next item therefore not installing everything properly. Is there a fix or something for this? config.js
  13. I have a problem with the new WPI 5.x. I guess it's a known problem but can't find a solution anywhere. In my config.js there are allot of 7z sfx installers. After they are extracted they start installing on their own. The problem is that this new WPI doesn't wait for them to install.... It proceeds with the next item therefore not installing everything properly. Is there a fix or something for this? config.js
  14. I was rather fond of those looks:-) Any way we can revert back to those?
  15. I take it the logoff and shutdown window look wasn't popular ?
  16. Why did you leave out the msgina.dll patch in I386 patching Xpero?
  17. I think this is a major bug. You should consider posting a warning when used in combination with ryanvm's pack. I just spend hours of rebuilding and testing before I spoted the problem with Xpize and eventually saw this post. I think allot of customizers are using ryan's packs and Xpize. And we wouldn't want everyone to go trough the same time consuming process now would we:-). I fixed my problem with after the Xpize I386 patching replacing the mmc.ex_ file with the original ryanvm's one. Maybe someone knows which files are exactly affected by this bug? Keep up the good work with Xpize and Ryanvm's packs...it makes life so much easier and nicer:-) PS: Any nfo on the release of 4.2 final ? without that bug?
  18. Well I am used to being 'on the move' with my laptop. I am having to use my laptop in various networks: Networks with no DHCP server running, networks with running DHCP servers, all sort's of network ranges and then there are the networks with DHCP server but not working properly. I think you can imagine the time I am saving with this tool in the above scenario's. A couple of yes/no with my tool or the whole right click, apply procedure...easy choice for me.
  19. I was so tired of having to type those same ip addresses over and over again I decided to write a script that would do it for me. Installation: I created an unattended install pack so that it can easily be installed togheter with windows; just click the exe and it's installed. it's packed in the attached zip file. How it works: It's using the WMI service and is written in vbs. There is some comment in the code for those who want to know how and what it does. Basically it loops each network adapter asking you ( msgbox) if you want to set the adress to the nic. If you click yes it checks the connectivity of the nic and takes a random adress in the valid range. It then pings to see wether or not there are already systems active with that random ip; if so it restarts the procedure until the ping reports no active systems with that ip. If you click no it proceeds to the next adapter in your system. Screenshots say more then a 1000words : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATED(01.09.2006) -------------------------- *Updated the program with optional Gateway & DNS settings. It asks if you want to set Gateway & DNS options accordingly. IPSET_updated.7z
  20. This is not my method. Major thanks to idle.newbie and hp38guser, as most of this is their work. Thanks also go out to Pyron for making SetupCopyOEMInf.exe and WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe, which are used in this method. I based it on the older AutoIT method (HERE). In certain scenario's I needed to skip the drivers part. This wasn't possible in neither the AutoIT method or the 'simple method'. solution: modifie the AutoIT method with a gui messagebox asking if u wish to use the drivers. Being an unattended cd this messagebox is only shown for x seconds beforce continuing with yes. This is what you have to do: 1. Download the attached zip file, and unzip to your drivers dir on the cd. (There are 4 files in the zip: Drivers.au3, Process.exe, SetupCopyOEMInf.exe, WatchDriverSigningPolicy.exe) Download 7za.exe & Autoit.exe found in the other method. (These files will run from the CD, and are never copied to the Hard Drive.) 2. Open up winnt.sif (located in i386), and add two lines under [GuiUnattended], as shown below: [GuiUnattended] DetachedProgram = ".\system32\cmd.exe" Arguments="/Q /C FOR /F %I IN (%SystemRoot%\SYSTEM32\$WINNT$.INF) DO (FOR %J IN (%Idrivers) DO (IF EXIST %J (start /min /D%J Autoit3.exe Drivers.au3)))" note:I am using a folder called /drivers in the root of the cd, if you use another folder change the path in the above code 3. Place your 7z driver packs in the same directory %cdrom%\drivers Notes: -= Plug'n Play devices are detected during Windows Setup after the DetachedProgram stage (which is when this script is run), so Windows Setup will detect and install all applicable drivers. -= Any type of folder names can be used. (Don't worry about spaces in the folder names.) For example: "Wireless Card Drivers" will work just as well (even though there are spaces in the name) as "WiFi_Drivers". I've personally tested this method, and it works perfectly (I installed laptop OEM drivers, PCI card drivers, etc. - all without a problem). -= Also, please note this method will not work for MassStorage Device drivers. -= This method does not require any files to be copied over the the HDD - it runs totally from the CD. drivers.7z
  21. Let's not forget the way they can auto install the control panel unattended like when used in driver packs
  22. not many 64bit xp customizers out there yet...:-)
  23. As the topic states...I am trying to make driver packs for windows xp 64bit. I am using logic and examples from what basrat the sneaky did in xp32bit. I would like the help of people that are on this forum and have much more experience with this. I am attaching what I think is a finished pack for chipsets. Could someone check it out? CHIPSETS

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