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  1. upon consulting with friends I think i've reached a solution. I wasn't quite aware about how to make a cd bootable and my moms pc which i was falling back on wasn't burning disk images right. With any luck this should be enough to fix the install medium
  2. this is going to be brief but i've got a virus on my current version of windows in the other room and the cd burner in this room is broken down and only thru a major privacy breach do I have access to any other machinery. I've decided to nlite a new install and practice safer practices to evade viruses in the future given the dumbness i now realized with which most worms bind themselves to executables. But it's got some major concerns. See I don't trust my virus scanner to of cleaned all of it especially when it's reporting "probably a variant of" and my major concern is this: is there any way
  3. what really irks me is that when I read up on the operating system they made mention of things like how the OS itself is going to make use of the Video card GPU, etc. the Size in Term of bytes about the operating system isn't what bothers me, it's that it's going to be infested with crap that puts a strain on my memory and my video processing and CPU for more or less no benefit except fancy visuals and supposed user-friendliness. The industry has gone -way- too far trying to make things user friendly with big red flashing lights with huge sounds and the end result is that it's bloated with cra
  4. Well, sense all the bell's and whistles seem to be done for now until Vista, I think Ryan, nuhi, and gurgle should team up and make it so their update packs can be tweaked too with nlite. It's the age of customization eh? That's just my idea, nuhi, ryan, and gurgle can feel free to slap me if they want.
  5. 1.07b? that isn't even out yet, unless you're working with an internal beta. 1.06 is the latest.
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