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how to update windows media player10 to last build

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the cat files limit has just only one problem. at T39 the setup hangs for a lot of time depending how powerfull your pc is. so i u exceed the number of 150 the rest of cat files will be installed but the setup will be longer. for example my svcpack folder has 152 cat files. they all are installed but setup hangs at t39 for 4 min. .....but my system is a little powerfull..... :P

Thanks again Boooggy! that's all i need to know. :rolleyes:

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question: only the files mentioned need to be overwritten?

and also, which svcpack should the cat files be put in, the one in the i386 director or the one in the wmp pack?

also... inside ryan's wmp10 addon pack, does entries_wmp10 need to be changed?

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ryan already makes one: http://ryanvm.msfn.org/

but it's hasn't been updated in a very long time

Thanks, but that doesnt work on dutch xp :no:

And what about those wmp10 updates, most are only english, why is that?

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if u look at the updates u will see that most of them are international......just few of them are english....

Yes i saw that, but why are moste english?

isnt it the same player we all use?

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