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Macromedia Dreamweaver v8.0


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You can try to repack Dreamweaver if you like or you can get InstallShield and try to create Transforms file. I repacked Macromedia studio and it works for me. You can try.

How repack Dreamweaver8 with 7-zip. Dreamweaver went down by 15MB - from 68 to 52MB without removing anything.

What you need: 7-zip, StartX.exe, Dreamveaver ,7zSc.sfx from 7-zip directory, reg file,licences files, and enough free space to do job.

1.unpack .exe with 7-zip or WinRar

2.create admin instal point

msiexec /a Dreamweaver8-en.msi and follow instructions.

3.Rename Dreamweaver_8.msi to Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi

4.Add your License.mlf, Registration.mlf, and Activation.mlf into folder CommonAppData

5.Create 7-zip to pack all stuff from your admin folder

6.Create config.txt file with next code inside

RunProgram="StartX.exe /WAIT \"msiexec.exe /i Macromedia_Dreamweaver_8.msi /qn SerialNumber=xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx REBOOT=REALLYSUPPRESS\""

7.Copy StartX, config.txt, 7zSc.sfx, and dream.7z files in same folder

8.Run this command:

COPY /b 7zSc.sfx + config.txt + StartX.exe  + dream8.7z dream.exe

where dream8.7z name of yours 7z package and dream.exe output name.

9.Follow guide from CLOCLO to import reg files

Works flawless for me.

You can use qb+ to get error and figure out what going on.

Here is the link to .msi syntax explanation:


Not sure about Fireworks and Flash.

Good luck


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Thanks Moo,

I've done make it unatended with dreamweaver.msi /qb- Reboot=ReallySuppress

and make an rar sfx auto unpack file to install License.mlf file to

%allusersprofile%\Application Data\Macromedia\Licensing\Products\Dreamweaver 8.0

Everything is ok now, =)

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I have been tryin to create a silent install of Flash8 pro. First i created an administrative install using msiexec /a "****.msi" Next i edited the msi in the newly created admin install. I then copyed the installer.mlf and license.mlf using installshield. Then i was able to incorporate the serial number into the msi using orca see the attached image. I have not tried a silent install but i will be testing this with group policy in basic mode hopefully it works. I did try just running the msi and did a next next next type of install and when the install was finished i ran flash and it opened with no problems without asking for registration or serial. Hope this helps.


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Is the License data valid only for the machine the product was installed on? (eg. I install DW8 on computer A and get the license file, integrate it into the uA DVD... install on computer B... will the license file still work?)

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I just would like to know what does the

start /wait %CDROM%\install\SLEP.EXE 5
command do ?

I would like to know too where I can find this SLEP.EXE.

Thanks for your support.

EDIT: Nevermind, I discovered this is "SLEEP.EXE"

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Just a question, when do you guys start the installation of dreamweaver ?

I would like to have it at the T-12 point. This is what I have as installation:

<item display="DreamWeaver 8.0.1">
<execute display='Programma'>
<execute display='DreamWeaver 8.0.1 Patch'>

This is done with XPlode,

in "normal language" this is:

D:\$OEM$\Apps\DreamWeaver\DreamWeaver.msi /Quiet

D:\$OEM$\Apps\DreamWeaver\Patch.msp /Quiet

I've tried /QN etc. but none of them worked.

I'm wanting this to do at the T-12 point (cmdlines.txt)

thanks in advance!


Also, in the log-files I can't find something that something wen wrong! And when installing, I can see it's bussy because it takes some time to run it. But nothing is installed, not evan a macromedia folder or something.

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Sorry, I meant /QB- there.

Could this be the problem that I'm formatting my pc to much, i test this on a test pc, I format it almost twice a day with the same dvd-rw. I think I noticed sometimes it got installed, and sometimes not! don't know for sure as I format so much :(

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"Name.msi" Serialnumber=xxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx /qb- Reboot=Suppress

I have installed Dreamweaver and Dreamweaver 8.0.2 patch, Flash and Fireworks using this same method for all and it works. (I'm using WPI @ RunOnceEx)

I also use WPI to copy the license Directory to the new machine and no activation nag on first load!

I do have a question though...

with flash when you unpack it to get the .msi package there is a Data1.cab file that is unpacked (95MB) and then the Flash.msi is about 21MB do you need the Data1.cab for the installation? I kept it in the same folder as .msi just to make sure... but I'm not sure if the .msi calls/uses it or not, I'm assuming yes.

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