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  1. Selfmade Autorun...

    Sounds like some excellent new features! I'll get back to you once I have a chance to test them out!
  2. Selfmade Autorun...

    Excellent job! Everything seems to work great now, all the little niggles have gone... am currently testing the option to give the user control of the filename, but to be honest the filename doesn't really matter if it's gonna get burned to CD after being made anyway?? Just my personal opinion... Anyway, congrats again on the nice work, version 2 is only a few days away I'm sure
  3. Selfmade Autorun...

    Wow looks like I missed a lot in the 2 days I was away! I'll download Beta7 now and get back to you
  4. Selfmade Autorun...

    @ATM... not entierly true what you wrote about saving to a directory - I can save ISO images to my desktop (therefore having "Documents and Settings" as part of the path), and the program works fine. Also, it is possible to reference other files which are not in the DOS 8.3 format, such as "Programs\Dreamweaver8.msi".
  5. Selfmade Autorun...

    OK I'm back! Happy to say multiple run commands work great @ AMD... I don't have the same problem you did... when I created the ISO file it worked fine... maybe check something in your code? The DOS box staying open would suggest something happening with CDImage that it didn't expect... my DOS window closed upon the ISO being finished. Back to what I found... the box saying "Cannot record the ISO file since it has not been created!" still pops up at the end of ISO creation, I think that'll be easy to fix tho In case this is any help, this is what happens - when the bootable CD is being made (successfully I might add), in the window behind the DOS window (ie. the Autorun menu), the info box with the message above pops up straight away... from the debug I got this: MKISO (ERROR): IMAGE NOT CREATED... as the line after MKISO (ACTION): STARTING COMMAND LINE: >>>>>>> SOFTWARE\CDImage\CDIMAGE.EXE -lOEMXPHOME -t08/23/2001,09:00:00 -b"SOFTWARE\CDImage\OEMHome.BIF" -h -n -o -m "SETUP\HomeOEM" "C:\OEMXPHOME.ISO" Hope this is of some help to you Looks like you're almost ready to release version 2, congratulations!
  6. Selfmade Autorun...

    I'm with AMD on the fact that the "Cannot record the ISO file since it has not been created!" pops up at the end, regardless of what else happens... think that might be an easy to fix bug? Also, is there a way to change the parameters passed to CDIMAGE? For example, I would like to add the "-j1" option (and maybe get rid of the time option)... I couldn't find the MKISO in the HTML or Javascript, so I'm guessing it's encoded in the AUTORUN.EXE itself... although if that's a pain the the bum to change, and the ISO it produces works ok (I haven't burnt one to CD and tested it yet) then that's ok! Apart from that, everything else is working OK for me! Gonna test multiple run commands now, will let you know what I find
  7. [Questoin] WinRAR SFX "Presetup" help!

    That's something I hadn't really considered before, thanks for the suggestion!
  8. Selfmade Autorun...

    Works without the dll now, thanks very much Will continue to experiment and get back to you!!
  9. Selfmade Autorun...

    @ amd64 - debug mode opens a little window beneath the menu with debug info, showing you what's going on when you click things. Useful for noticing if you've typed something wrong etc. To start, run your Autorun like this: Autorun.exe -debug Hope that helps.
  10. Macromedia Dreamweaver v8.0

    Is the License data valid only for the machine the product was installed on? (eg. I install DW8 on computer A and get the license file, integrate it into the uA DVD... install on computer B... will the license file still work?)
  11. Selfmade Autorun...

    Hiya, downloaded the file again, I get the following when I run the Autorun without "bass.dll" present: "This application had failed to start because bass.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Any ideas? Thanks again!
  12. Selfmade Autorun...

    OK, good news is that running MSI files directly does work... bad news is, when that MSI has a dependency (usually a DATA1.CAB file), it gives the following Windows Installer Error: "This installation package could not be opened. Verify that the package exists and that you can access it, or contact the application vendor to verify that this is a valid Windows Installer package" When I double click the same MSI file in windows explorer, it runs fine. My guess would be something to do with the setting for the current directory reported to Windows Installer - perhaps it's getting changed to something else after the MSI is called? EDIT: I did some investigation, and found that if the MSI has dependencies, they can't be found because the path contains an invalid character - the "/" used in the HTML to point to where the MSI is. This prevents the correct directory from being set. Is there any way to get around this? *2nd EDIT* fixed with "\\" in place of "/" Also, is the "bass.dll" required even if music playing isn't required? I have the "BassEngine=Off" entry in my menu.ini, but the Autorun won't seem to function without it. Any way to remove the dependency on the "Bass.DLL" file? I don't (and won't in the future) have a need for it Thanks
  13. Selfmade Autorun...

    Awesome stuff, will have a play around and get back to you!
  14. Selfmade Autorun...

    Excellent I look forward to the new version! Did you manage to implement the multiple "run" feature?
  15. Selfmade Autorun...

    So if I download Autorunv2, don't activate PHP and use custom HTML files, I should be able to use command switches and run MSI packages?