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dvd writing problems


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I've been trying to write some iso's to dvd. everytime i do, windows reads them as being blank.

This happened with blindwrite and nero.

but when i write cd's its works fine.

i have a pioneer 106.

any ideas?

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I had similar issues with my DVD writer. I used Ulead, CDBurnerXP and Nero. At different times one program or the other would create a bad DVD. Fortunately I was using a RW disk and when I used a different program it worked. The offending program wouldn't even recognize the disk. This would happen in formatting the disk also. If you try CDBurnerXP (free) on a DVD, keep in mind that it has a limit on how much it will burn to disk. You'll have to check to see how much it is and I don't know if they got that resolved. It was something like 4G out of the possible 4.7G.



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I haven't seen anyone else ask so I will... have you checked to see if there is a newer firmware release for your DVD burner? Maybe there was a problem that might have been fixed in a newer release.


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