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First Nero 7 Screenshots!


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On the international radio exhibition (IFA) in Berlin we held an interesting conversation with a coworker of the company Nero, who admits particularly by its popular fuel software became. It demonstrated us the most important new functions to 10.10.2005 appearing official version 7 the Nero Suite.

Too all only it is mentioned that the company intends an UPDATE function to offer, which is to permit it to bring the software up to date in the course of the development of Nero 7 finally without with each innovation the entire package large over 30 megabyte to download to have. This feature is delivered subsequently after the appearance of the new version not immediately to be available, but with an update. At present one works still on the conversion, there it relatively with difficulty is exactly to be determined, which differences between an installed version and a new expenditure exist.

The Nero coworker demonstrated some new characteristics of Nero 7 on the basis a brand-new beta version. To the Brennsuite according to his data not too much one changed. The surface was revised and some control elements were again arranged, in order to improve the usability of the program. In addition, a graphically easily modified surface comes. In order to be able to differentiate between the individual components of the Nero Suite better, now different colors are used, which are to increase the recognizing value. To the technical innovations it belongs among other things that Nero will be 7 able to deal with the appearing new DVD formats.

With that well-known Nero components also a program thought for Media center PCS associates named "Nero Home" starting from the version 7. It concerns a kind medium administration, it permits the Multimedia data stored on the computer to organize. The software possesses an internal rendition function and a direct binding to the fuel functions of Nero.

Picture 1

Picture 2

Picture 3

Picture 4

Source (Translated with BabelFish)

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Why does Nero keep dumbing down their interfaces! It seems like every version is getting more and more "pretty" while making thing like specifing the boot cdrom image file harder to figure out.

I hope to hell they made a way to specify the CDROM creation defaults, like "No Multisession" and "Joliet".

Nero needs to realize, they didn't get popular because they were pretty.

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That is alot if new eyecandy that I don't like... I have been a long time user of Nero since release of the and i like the minor GUI upgrades but this is a major overhaul... whats the point?

Like Nois3 said...

Nero needs to realize, they didn't get popular because they were pretty.
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Looks pretty much the same to me. They labelled some buttons, but that's about it.

If you're referring to the -now really crappy- Nero Express -which I never use anyway :P- it's a good thing they moved the akward menu's to the left instead of a new window.

Overall, not impressed. They should stop trying to conquer the digital media world in every aspect. Their picture viewer sucks, their media player sucks, their backup program sucks, their multisample audio program sucks (I can continue), but god, the burning program is awesome. :) They can also keep developing Nero Digital. ^^

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I think it looks good

im sure it wont force you to use the 'dumbed' down interface

Also the media centre part would be good for people without media centre edition xp.

Also NeroMIX (Media player) is a wicked little player sounds great

But the other stuff (besides nero digital) arent that good - also the nerovision dvd player is crap.

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