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hiding a splash screen


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1. Is is possible to hide a splash screen that appears when antivir-guard starts after antivir installation?

i use taskkill to kill the guard but it takes to long and the splash still comes up...

can u use <hidewindow> and what window class is it then?

hoe does this work? will <hidewindow> wait until it sees the right window class and then hides it?


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I am with Nanaki regarding the splash, I don't know a way to definately do it but what I would do is check through Antivir guards settings to see if you can disable the program splash screen anyway, if this is the case track down the registry key or file that records the change and apply the reg setting or copy the file before installing the program.

You could always open Task Manager and see if the splash screen is a separate exe to the main exe and if so use taskkill to close this.

One more option is if the installer is one that can be edited, meaning you could replace the file that contains the splash screen, try using Resource Hacker to remove the bitmap or dialog altogether, I managed to do this with CDR-Win without incurring any errors.

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If I can't find a way to disable a splash screen I usually load up Resource Hacker and open the EXE. Usually you can find the form and resize it down to nothing so you won't see it. If that doesn't work you can check to see if the bitmap is there and replace it with something else.

I replaced my APC UPS splash screen with a banner with my computer specs.

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