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Design new graphics for Windows XP PowerPacker?


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I thought I would ask if any members would like to help contribute to the Windows XP PowerPacker project by helping to create some graphics for it. Basically I would like WinXP PowerPacker to have an all round Windows XP feel to it.

I need a new Boot Menu picture. Size needs to be: 640W 480H (RGB Mode)

I also would like some banners made up that people can put in their signatures or on websites (To help promote it).

Use your imaginations. :w00t:

Thanks to anyone who helps contribute.

BTW here is some code you are welcome to put in your signatures if you would like to help promote Windows XP PowerPacker. ;)


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Thanks! Anything you can do would be great. ATM I think XPero got the gui graphics covered. But if you could come up with some sort of banners etc... for people to put in their signatures and/or websites that would be great. :D

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Actually the RVMIntergator needs some gfx as well. I'm not sure what sizes... but I can allways adjust things in the gui to fit.

Any of my programs I'd request to have "Siginet Software" somewhere in the gui if possible.

Thanks again! :thumbup

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late one night i got bored, so i decided to make you a gift! :)



i really dont know what use you would have for this but, u'll find something...someday

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