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Easy CD-DA Extractor 8.2.1 Build 1 .MSI Installer


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it is here... finally updated to latest build. tested on vurtual machine. installs with /QB or /QN

sorry for long delay, be sure that next builds come more quickly.

info from offsite...


Rips Audio CDs - Creates perfect copies of CDs

High performance CD-ripping

Copies "Copy-Protected" CDs

Reads badly scratched CDs

Reports errors on the disk

Download disc data from the freedb

Advanced sound processing

Creates Cue Sheets (.cue)

Creates Playlists (.m3u)

Supports CD-Text

Supports ID3, ID3V2, and other format specific metadata

Converts audio files from one format to another

Convert audio files from a format to another

Advanced sound processing

Splits Cue Sheets (.cue) and encodes them to individual files

Supports ID3, ID3V2, and other format specific metadata

Creates Audio CDs

Writes Audio CDs that are compatible with all CD-players

Writes CD-Text

Supports Cue Sheet (.cue) files

Supports buffer underrun prevention technologies

Easy CD-DA Extractor supports following audio file formats: MP1, MP2, MP3, Windows Media Audio 8, Windows Media Audio 9, Windows Media Audio 9.1, Ogg Vorbis, MP4, M4A, AAC, FLAC, Musepack, WavPack, WAV, AIFF, Monkey's Audio, Shorten, CUE and M3U. Also, the Nero Digital (Nero AAC) is supported if you have the Nero Burning ROM installed on your computer. Now available in 25 languages!


update log

New features in 8.2.4 update:

Support for the WavPack format

Ogg Vorbis encoder bugfix

Ogg Vorbis encoding speed improved

MP3 encoding speed improved

New features in 8.2.3 update:

Ogg Vorbis encoder updated

Ogg Vorbis decoder updated

MP3 encoder updated (LAME 3.97), improved encoding speed, improved encoding quality. New settings in "Config".

CD Database Editor reworked

Audio CD Ripper ripping status window improved

Faster startup, the software now loads up faster

Installer updated

Browse for an Output Folder now starts in the currently selected Output Folder

iTunes reading "Album Artist" as "Artist" from ID3V2 tag of MP3 file problem fixed

The priority boost controls now work better

Language file updates

New features in 8.2.2 update:

Bug in Ogg Vorbis encoder fixed

Bug in Monkey's Audio APE decoder fixed

Bug in the installer fixed

Minor issues in the main executable fixed


Get Easy CD-DA Extractor MSI


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this is for registration and language

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Poikosoft\Easy CD-DA Extractor 8]



"k82"="English" - (name of your .lng file without .lng as seen in example)

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ANy clues on an Unattended MSI for version 9

You can use an old Easy CD-DA Extractor 8.2.1 Build 1 .MSI Installer for version 9.

Install v9 first and copy all the file in the folder, then open the v8 package. Replace all file in v8 with v9 then package again with switchless command using 7zip or winrar.

It so easy.

But if you like you can use msi editor to change the name, title, version of installer.

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I've been having a problem with v9.0.2. I rip CDs at highest quality VBR. The MP3s are coming out at like 1MB each and they don't play nothing but "pop, bit" strange sounds. So I went to Options - CD-reader Settings and had to make the read mode "Advanced Audio Resync" for the MP3s to come out. They are coming better then ever but why did this happen and has it happened to anyone else? I even uninstalled - reinstalled.

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