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I have been reading this thread with much interest. I must say that the Autorun menu is great, except for the mkiso function, at least for the moment. What I have done in mine is direct the user to use a batch file I wrote. The batch file (attached) asks for the path to store ISOs, then asks which ISO to make, makes it, and asks if you want to make another ISO, keeping the path the same. I made it work for my DVD directory structure, but it should be easily customizable. Let me know what you guys think. ;)


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Turns out my 1st MakeISO.bat doesn't work in Windows NT 4.0 because in NT the SET command doesn't have the /P switch, which makes a prompt. So in NT you have to use a convoluted method utilizing the "format" command (for a 160k floppy drive, of all things). The "format" command trick doesn't work in XP, so 2 batch files are necessary. Both are included in the zip file for your amusement. Enjoy. ;)



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Is it possible to specify to exclude a certain file when makign an iso?

What i would like to do is offer the option to burn a regular or an unattended iso by specifyign whether or not to include winnt.sif. Is this possible?

Is it also possible to do this for the install i.e.

\setup\Xppro\setup.exe -uanttended ? or soemthing?

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Well, I doubt you could do it via the mkiso command, but you might be able to make a batch file, essentially like the one explained in flyakite's guide, and include both folders into the ISO. Then from the page that has the mkiso command, change the command to make it similar the the one used to run the setup.exe files but use the batch files. This seems to be the only feasible way I can think of. As for the bootfix.bin file.... :unsure: Couldn't help you there. BTW, when you say that the CMD files don't run, are you sure you're using the right command to access them?

as in my previous post mate, i have all the batch files that work perfectly, except when run from this interface

previous post here:

hi guys, i really like this little app, i spent a while streamlining and changing it to suit my needs and it has pretty much finished my dvd.

But, when i run my cmd files which create standalone os iso's it gives me a funny error.

this is an example of the command file:

rem IF NOT EXIST %SystemDrive%\ntldr GOTO 9XCOPY

XCOPY .\XP2A %SystemDrive%\ISO /E /I /H /Y /K > NUL
COPY .\BOOTFIX.BIN %SystemDrive%\ISO\I386
XCOPY ..\Install %SystemDrive%\ISO\Install /E /I /H /Y /K > NUL
cdimage.exe -lXPAUTO -t08/04/2004,07:00:00 -b.\xp.DAT -h -o -m -n %SystemDrive%\ISO %SystemDrive%\XPAUTO.ISO
ECHO Cleaning up files from %SystemDrive%
RD /S /Q %SystemDrive%\ISO

rem :9XCOPY
rem ECHO.
rem ECHO This process cannot be performed under Win9x
rem ECHO Please use a WinNT-based machine.


this works perfectly when run normally, but when run from within the autorun menu using this line:

stm_aix("p4i0","p1i0",[0,"Microsoft® Windows® XP SP2 Automatic","","",-1,-1,0,"RUN:SETUP/XP2AISO.CMD"],365,0);

it gives me this error:


any help would be appreciated.


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ok, i think i got it figured it out... i tried this in a virtual drive and loaded the ISO into VMware and it worked fine...the problem was that the locations of the files being called were different when on CD than when run from the hard drive...i put all the .BAT files i created in the BOOT directory (same directory as the cdimage.exe). here is the code i used to create the XP standalone ISO...

start BOOT\CDIMAGE.EXE -lVRMPVOL_EN -t08/23/2001,09:00:00 -b..\SETUP\XP\BOOT.BIN -h -n -o -m ..\SETUP\XP "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Windows XP Pro.iso"

note that even though the .BAT file is in the same directory as the cdimage, i still had to specify the location as BOOT\CDIMAGE.EXE instead of just specifying the file name. i believe this is because the command prompt is being run from the 'F:' drive (my cdrom drive) and not the exact folder the file is in. keeping that in mind, i just used the '..\' to make it go back to the root of the disc, and then gave the location of the necessary files from there. i tried it out and it works great (although it doesnt work when run directly from the hard drive, but then again, it doesnt need to). let me know if this works for anyone else.

I created BAT files that were called from the autorun menu (Mine has a Create Standalone ISO menu and when you click on an OS, it runs the BAT file for that specific OS). Try doing that and see how it works.

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oh i forgot to replace "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Desktop\Windows XP Pro.iso" with "%AllUsersProfile%\Desktop\Windows XP Pro.iso" ... this is just in case windows is installed somewhere other than the 'C' drive.

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Hi, totally different reply to what most people are asking, mainly cos I don't need the make ISO function...

I'm still using Version 1 of the program, cos it fits my needs perfectly...

The problems I seem to be having are running MSI files directly, and passing switches to programs (eg. Nero VisionExpress):

stm_aix("p3i2","p1i0",[0,"Macromedia Shockwave 10.1",

The above has no effect when I click the menu entry - all other executables I have run fine.

The problem with switches is like this:

stm_aix("p3i7","p1i0",[0,"Nero Vision Express v3.1.0.21","","",-1,1,0,
"run:SOFTWARE/Nero/VisionExpress/Setupx.exe /SN=*removed* /WRITE_SN /NOREBOOT"],365,0);

That doesn't seem to work either. Calling the EXE without switches works fine. I'm thinking a simplish remedy might be to used a batch file (call the batch file with the command from the menu)... but that's kinda ugly, so was wondering if there's another solution?

Great work on the app by the way :thumbup

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Sorry that I let you down, guys! I have not been able to update the tool for health reasons.

But now I will try to get things fixed really soon and maybe implement some new features if there are any needed.

Currently I'm working on the PHP Issues but this is the current changelog, await an update within one day...

- Fixed several "RUN" issues (including Parameter Handling)

+ Added support for multiple RUN commands via RUNEX

(commands have to be seperated by "|", e.g.


- Fixed MKISO command by adding some " to the commandline the tool starts, so that problems like wrong output dirs should not longer occur (e.g. C:\DOCUMENTS as filename) ( gnarrrg, sorry ;) )

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In most cases you don't need to change anything, it should be fully backward compatible. It automatically checks for parameters and it also should be able to start msi packages directly. I've tested that.

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