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  1. I have emailed you what I have... It was just the autorun.exe file, menu.ini file, and menu folder... let me know how it works out
  2. i would guess the problem is prolly that it cant find that files you are referencing... the way i did it was to 'give it directions' on where those files are from the root of the AIO DVD.. so my code looks like this... stm_aix("p3i4","p1i0",[0,"Microsoft Windows XP Pro","","",-1,-1,0,"mkiso:..\\SETUP\\XP\\BOOT.BIN:VRMPVOL_EN:..\\SETUP\\XP:Windows XP Pro.iso"],365,0); here is a little breakdown of the commands (i'll put the info in parenthesis)..... "mkiso:..(the dots tell it to start from the root of the drive)\\SETUP\\XP\\BOOT.BIN(this is the location of the file to make it bootable):VRMPVOL_EN(the internal name of the ISO thats being created):..\\SETUP\\XP(the path to the location of the files to be included in the ISO, again given from the root of the drive):Windows XP Pro.iso(the name of the completed ISO)" Also, in your menu.ini, I noticed something with the DVD Decrypter... Mine is as follows # DVDDecryp*er is used for recording the ISO-Image # created by CDImage [DVDDec] Path=TOOLS\DVDD******.exe Not sure if its different because youre using php, but i wouldnt think so. Let me know if that helps any.
  3. i think i found the answer on a different post... its http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showto...05entry475905
  4. how did you add the cdrom drivers and modify the variables in the autoexec.bat file & menu.bat file?
  5. I purchased some software to securely erase data from a hard disk and it has a wizard that will create either a bootable cd or floppy that you can use to boot from to erase data from the hard disk. I created the CD (ISO file) and extracted the boot image from it (and renamed it to have a .DAT extension). I then copied all the files from the ISO to the root of my multiboot dvd and edited the cdshell.ini file to chain the .DAT file i extracted. When i test it out and select that option from the boot menu, nothing happens and the screen stays blank... I could upload a copy of the ISO file the program created (its only 4mb) if anyone wants to play with it to see if they can get it to work. Thanks
  6. copy/paste your cdshell.ini file so we can look at it.
  7. its possible because when cdimage 'compresses' the files it doesnt use the same file more than twice. it justs references the location of the repeated file ... instead of having the same file 20 times, it just has the same file once with 19 references, thereby reducing the total filesize....so, to put it simply, it eliminates redundancy
  8. read the guide very carefully, it works. be sure you have edited the correct files and pointed them to the right places.
  9. you need to use a cracked one, or at least hex edit it yourself.... there is a built-in checksum that needs to be disabled before it will work...the thread is http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=58410&st=0 ...(its the very first sticky.... how did you miss it? )
  10. are you using the cracked setupldr.bin file?
  11. Actually, i just went ahead and added a mkdir command at the end of that so it would just recreate that folder... problem solved! thanks everyone
  12. @cluberti great thanks! @jftuga i was checking out delen and was using it to delete the contents of my backup folder (C:\Buildsof\Backups), but i have yet to figuer out a way to do this without deleting the folder itself. The command i am using is 'c:\buildsof\backups\ /sxy' .... i thought the last trailing backslash after the directory location would help, but it didnt.... any ideas?
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