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Best Registry Cleaner? [Poll]


What's the best Registry Cleaner?  

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  1. 1. What's the best Registry Cleaner?

    • Easy Cleaner
    • jv16 PowerTools 2005
    • RegVac
    • Registry Mechanic
    • Registry First AID
    • Registry Healer
    • RegScrubXp
    • TweakNow RegCleaner
    • CCleaner

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Hello All

A great thread in the making, with so much information.

I would like to add a new name in this regards.

RegFix Mantra from pcmantra.com :thumbup . I reached this site by accident and found the product real good.

I had this problem of registry and I had used several registry cleaners. It did most of the cleaning but my HP printer and MCAffee anti virus would stop working. At least this one cleaned my PC without affecting my other software.

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Crash Burn is right that CrapCleaner isn't a registry cleaner, it's a disk cleaner replacement for the crappy disk cleaner utility that comes with Windows.

I don't think it's uselses though. Yeah, you can go into IE and Mozilla and delete temp files and empty garbage, but it's nice to be able to select all the things you want to dump in one utility click clean and presto you're done.

My vote's for RegSupreme Pro or JVPower Tools. It's removed a few too many things once or twice but all I had to do was program repair, create an exception and then it isn't removed anymore. Since you can email them the execeptions and they update their list, over time the registry removal process gets better.

Re using Nortons, I try to avoid Norton. Norton products have F my system over.

Jeremy's suggestion of hitting HKLM/Software reg keys is something I do all the time too.

Trimming registry is not something that's critical, but if you don't do it for a long time it'll definitely slow your boot up.

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