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Reformat a HDD?


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Deep thought question for you.

I have a disk with 2 partitions

C:/ has the operating sys and some program files for the apps.

D:/ has the raw data and most/some program files.

what happens to the regestry entries for D if I reformat the C drive?

would the applications located on D:/ Program files still work?

would I have to reinstall the apps again to create the regestry keys?

I tend to keep C drive small with just the operating system on so I can reformat re install without too much pain.


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It varies greatly from program to program...

I have a bunch of programs on my D partition, and all of them work after formating C. But I know that some programs don't <_<

I gather that the cause of this is that some programs require reg keys to start and other write the reg keys everytime they start, if they indeed use the registry instead of for example .ini files..

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i have two options for you to try however they one is somewhat mute due to the fact that you have to install prior to application install however fyi : installRite - this app takes a complete snap shot of your system including registry prior to application install, then you install and then run installRite again thus giving you the reg keys that were created - might be somewhat of a mission to use this method however it does provide other benefits as you may release. it also however includes an option to application "clone" which would indeed provide you with a solution.


notice this post is rather old but thought l would pass on info anyway hope it helps

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