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  1. whilst there are many registry "hacks" that can be used to reduce both shut down and startup process, these are not good ideas. I believe the best way to reduce both shutdown and startup is by first of all checking the services that automatically startup and changing these to manual. comparing windows to linux in the startup/shutdown process whilst a bit unfair considering the amount of services started in the linux process prior to gui loading is a good example of how quickly indeed windows does boot. windows xp in particular does a fantastic job at boot time - l don't think it can really be betten. having said this perhaps your particular system does have an issue. did you system always start/shutdown slowly ?
  2. why not use "run as" rather than all the grief with wihu
  3. indeed - I have read alot more info on multi boot / unattended and powerpacker is a great tool. I was thinking perhaps a more comprehensive approach with all due respect. a program that includes chshell/bsdw by that l mean you would have a copie of all you os in perhaps iso format start an app like "powerpacker" that asks which os you would like to include and it modifies all the file just like powerpacker and then creates the chshell.ini file for you.
  4. i have two options for you to try however they one is somewhat mute due to the fact that you have to install prior to application install however fyi : installRite - this app takes a complete snap shot of your system including registry prior to application install, then you install and then run installRite again thus giving you the reg keys that were created - might be somewhat of a mission to use this method however it does provide other benefits as you may release. it also however includes an option to application "clone" which would indeed provide you with a solution. http://www.epsilonsquared.com/installrite.htm notice this post is rather old but thought l would pass on info anyway hope it helps
  5. this is a fantastic tool - it would seem apparent that someone should write an entire intergrated gui that edits all the file as detailed in the original guide. does any one (geekier) than me know of any reason why this has not been done ?license. it would seem an easier enough program for the write person ?
  6. i am newbie to multiboot dvd and l believe l have completed the necessary steps (gone over twice). I have started as the tut recommends with 1 "cd" in particular windows xp pro service pack 2. cdshell get the bootloader fine however l get the following error straight after : INF file txtsetup.sif is corrupt or missing, status 18. l have checked the file exists and indeed it does however l have to reference to go any further. any thoughts ?
  7. i to am interested in including linux builds in particular knoppix and rescuelinux - if anyone has done this a guide would be fantastic, if l find a way to do this l shall post.
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