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  1. kti^

    Long story

    To use the rest of the driverpacks should work fine as far as drivers go.
  2. kti^

    Long story

    Actually you are mistaken XP Pro 32-bit is a version that's intended for professional use (duh) corporations and such, with support for joining domains amongst other things. XP Pro 64-bit is a version of XP that's built upon the Windows Server 2003 kernel, also intended primarily for corporate use. XP Home is only available in 32-bit and is, as the name implies, meant for home use.
  3. I would guess that an update that is compatible with sp3 will come some time after the original xpize is updated to support sp3, although xpero seems to be rewriting that quite a bit so it could take some time...
  4. kti^

    Vista VS XP

    Can't say I have any big issues with Vista, there are ofc things that needs to get used to, but that's what you get for using new stuff I just wish that hardware folks like nvidia and creative would get some good drivers out there...
  5. You should check with your ISP about how many IP-numbers you can get, if you only get one then you will only have internet access on the computer that recieves that IP. The other computers on the switch will probably get 169.x.x.x numbers, automaticaly configured by windows. As ssmokee says, a router would be ideal if this is the case... :-)
  6. If you run "hostname" in command promt, what name does it respond with?
  7. Then I don't know, my parents had the same problem, but that was with the mailprovider.. Try to uninstall and reinstall outlook?
  8. Have you checked with your mailprovider that the problem doesn't reside with them?
  9. What mobo is it, does it have integrated sound or do you have a pci card? Do you have any fansettings in bios that may prevent corcenter from functioning properly, and is it the latest version of corecenter ?
  10. It varies greatly from program to program... I have a bunch of programs on my D partition, and all of them work after formating C. But I know that some programs don't I gather that the cause of this is that some programs require reg keys to start and other write the reg keys everytime they start, if they indeed use the registry instead of for example .ini files..
  11. First I would think that more info on what your system is made up of would be a great deal of help to anyone who has an idea.. Second, check your manual and/or try to pause the pre-boot screen to see if anything shows there?
  12. Glad to be of assistance One also learns when one helps And ipod, itunes makes me go
  13. I think I would just import all .dbx files that seem to contain relevant information. Did they have more than one useraccount or is it a single user setup? But as long as you have the files I would just try my way forward, you can always delete accounts in OE if it gets f***ed up
  14. That doesn't look good Check this out if anything applies to your system... kbid330174
  15. Well did they format the disk when they reinstalled XP, because if they did I'm guessing that all data concerning OE is lost. What stuff is working, and what was it they did to get the system up and running ?
  16. Heh, well I have never had a HDD breakdown so I'm happily walking on sunshine with little or no backup of all my data But if you are concerned with the risks of hard drive failure, partitioning won't help. If the disk crashes all partitions will be gone... If the case is corrupt partion(s) there are tools to fix and/or save the data.. And if you really want to be on the safe side, buy another disk just like it and set them up as dynamic disks in mirror mode
  17. Reinstalling your software won't be an issue, all programs will still be installed. Passwords might be a problem if you don't remember them, but just what passwords are you thinking about ? As for drivers, all of your old *.inf files should reside in the c:\windows\inf folder, the only files that will be overwritten are those native on the windows cd.
  18. Shouldn't be a problem, just install XP over your current install
  19. Could it be a problem with your nLite-made xpsp2 installcd ? Or is it fully functional on other systems ?
  20. Glad everything worked out for ya As for the question, if You don't need more than one partition, I would just format the drive as one big NTFS partition
  21. 1: Well, as far as I know RIS only works with PXE NIC's or with MS PXE-bootdisk. 2: Again, as far as I know... RIS cannot be used for deploying software or software changes to already installed machines. As you say gpo can be used, but msi limited. There is a software though, Specops Deploy that can be used for distributing software in your domain.. Others might exits of course
  22. If there is no need of security what so ever, just have autoadminlogon with user administrator and no psw on all computers
  23. I would definitely recommend RIS, but I don't know how it works with XP Home and no domain, but that shouldn't be a problem. Here at work we have several choices after PXE-boot, w2k, w2k with novell, wxp, w2k3server, and so on. It's basically a bunch of unattended CD's customized for different reasons that are installed over network
  24. Perhaps you should use scandisk on the disk where DM reports errors? Where basic have partitions and logical drives, dynamic disks have only dynamic volumes configured as. simple, spanned, striped, mirrored, or RAID 5. *edit* Heh, redundant *edit*

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