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Make An XPized Bootscreen


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I've been thinkng about a boot screen all this time, but the color oalette i so limited that it is not worth making. We will see.

Now maybe we should help him

I think some guidlines should be put down

The bootscreen should still have the windows xp stuff like it does now

but dont add home or pro or anything because XPize is used on both

Remember the pallette (spelling?) and maybe if XPero feels like it he might add it in XPize as an extra feature

My idea that i havent made is that its exactly the same exept where it says WINDOWS XP it should have WINDOWS XPized (in the same fint color as if it was apart of it

This is just for fun and an idea for people if they want their own XPized bootscreen they have made already to share

BTW those about 'guidelines' dont matter it was just a thought

and someone if they want make mine so i can see what it looks like :P I'm lazy at the moment.

Theres a pallette file somewhere for Photoshop to read the Bitmap out of the ntoskrnl.exe file

Also once again this is just for fun i dont think XPero wants a bootscreen in XPize because it is a task to get it right but maybe he might consider using one made by his fans here at MSFN Forums :P

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Thanks XPero

Heres my dodgy excuse for a bootscreen :P Just a first idea

i wasnt gonna put any detail in it because of the palette this is just a standard gif file, i wasn't going to put it in the full ladida standards.


The picture looks crappy small (well it is crappy, but looks better when it is full size)

So has anyone else got any they'd like to share?

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let's make it simpler. I really like what flyakite did in his OSX. So, a blue background (no gradient, no images) with a windows logo in the middle (maybe white, if color support does not let a good looking flag)


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