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MSN + Coke Ad Deal TOO FAR!


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Alright, I use MSN7 build 813. I go to send my friend a nudge, he doesn't have latest version though. Suddenly I get a "Downloading MSN Messenger Content" notice and my MSN suddenly turns to...


Anyone think this is too far, downloading stuff without my permission?

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I guess it's something like this one:

MSN Winks

"...MSN Winks Plus automatically downloads winks and adds them in your MSN Messenger. The number of winks currently is over 60, but we will add more winks in the future. MSN Winks Plus can check the new version and download the new winks when we add them in the future..."

Better uninstall I guess.. :whistle:

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Maybe its some kind of virus...

Hey no, its just a downloaded background for the conversation window. The icon for it is located right beside the nudge icon.


Its not come by itself, its come bcoz u clicked & asked for it! Coke background was probably placed by some add-on to MSN, which u installed.

MS-bashing is being taken too far... :P

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Thats a good reason to suggest a 3rd party alternative to MSN, like Trillian or something along those lines.

Nothing should EVER touch my PC that I didn't explicitly allow.

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To the people that say I accepted it, or that it's just my contact's background - I did not accept ANY part of it, it did it by itself. It also changed my display picture and added a wink, so it's not because of the background sharing (which was turned off). Old topic, but I have to defend myself.

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