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Force monitor refresh rate?

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I've got a Viewsonic monitor that's capable of doing 1152x864 @ 85hz natively. I've set the res and refresh in winnt.sif and when XP is finished installing, I enter Windows with 75hz. The resolution is correct, however. Under the display properties, 85hz is listed as "not a compatible rate for my monitor"

What I'm trying to avoid is installing my monitor drivers via RunOnceEx. It seems kinda dumb installing drivers just so I can push that extra 10hz. Any ideas on how to get XP to install with the proper refresh rate?

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Forcing refresh rates on your monitor can damage it.

Intersting point that, windows frequently warns you about it yet I must have forced about 20+ monitors above there max refresh rate and all they do is go into standby and fail to display until you set it back to soemthing they can handle.....anyone actually damaged one in this way?

Also would TFTs be damaged by this given that there are no beams and electro magnets to get damaged.....course there are other bits but surely not that would break by too fast a refresh rate, only fail to function until a compatible one was selected.

Anyone ever broken a monitor this way then?

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damage is generally caused if you force the monitor to run in a refresh rate and you think it works, it displays but what you dont see is the strain inside which will eventually cause your monitor to break. My mates monitor did this, it went all liney and then the screen flickered and moved then it died. Most monitors will just kick the refresh rate out and go black as you say and go into standby, but sometimes they accept it and can cause problems.

edit: doesnt break straight away it could just break one day after like 2months or something, depending on the monitor.

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Google up a program called Reforce. It matches your video card refresh rates at a given resolution with the acceptable resolution for your monitor. You can also manually edit specific refresh rates at specific resolutions so that way you can force them on.

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