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  1. Well, I decided to admit defeat and just call micro$oft and follow their telephone activation procedure... 17minutes and 28seconds later I finally got activated. I hate windows.
  2. Yeah, but it isn't legal lol that's why i use linux on all my other computers. Microsoft's piracy protection is so stupid! It is far easier to use a pirated copy of XP than it is to actually buy the thing!!! What were they thinking!?
  3. I am trying to activate windows after reinstalling it on my IBM Thinkpad X31. For some reason it thinks my key is invalid, but I know it is genuine because i was using it fine with my laptop before. I have made no major hardware changes. I have, however, used a non-ibm oem version of XP to install from as my laptop only came with a recovery partition (which i accidentally wiped out) and no disks. Do I need to use a different type of XP cd? Past experience tells me that pro corp. won't even accept oem keys. So do i need something else entirely. Anyone know a way to solve this? Thanks in advance
  4. Ahhhhh, never thought of that. Guess that means just one final call to m$ and then from there on, auto activation, yay! Thanks for your help, I will try this later, got to go out now, but i will post result here. I don't see any reason why it won't work though, THANKS!
  5. I have a dell laptop which has it's product key on a sticker on the bottom. I recently added a wireless card and some more memory to the laptop and now when I try to activate windows online it says invalid product key. If I activate over the phone all is well, but this is a painfully long process, how can I get m$ to realise that they product key on my laptop does still belong to my laptop just my laptop now has a bit more memory and a wireless card... I don't want to have to phone up after EVERY format... Anyone any ideas/suggestions? Thanks in advance
  6. Jlo555 I second that about NAV, I have tried a few versions all that have come free with hardware and they are the worst programs ever, it was quite goo at preventing viruses in my tests, but wow was it resource hungry! Very noticeable difference in performance after uninstalling it! And the cost of subscription to the update service after your first year is ridiculous. Now I use AVG and could highly reccommend it. Have used it for about a year on 7 systems and no noticible performance drop at all, plus regular updates, plus not had a virus cause any damage since using it. As for a firewall I stick to xp's pretty useless one...just coz it's there, combined with my router. That's enough protection for me.
  7. So it will only occur in VMware? Or also on an actual pc? Thanks for your help, I will also try some tweaking later, if it doesn't work and I will post solution if found...
  8. That's very odd then since the boot information is contained in the iso and so when nero burns it the disk should be bootable if the iso is and since the iso boots in your virtual machine....odd How old is the dvd drive you're trying to boot from? If its not the same drive that is writing and it is a particularly old dvd-rom it might not be able to read the disk properly, try burning at a lower speed, using -media instead of +media (if you are) and also, if you are using dvd-rw/dvd+rw, try a dvd-r/dvd+r because not all dvd-rom drives will read dvd-rw and some are picky as to which dvd-rws/+rws they will read.
  9. Computer I was testing on was a virtual machine with 256mb of ram allocated and my computer itself is an athlon64 3000+ with 768mb of ram. Sorry, should have included that before. In short I don't think it really is out of memory.
  10. If you follow wiredbits instuctions the ISO should boot just fine if it is booting fine in virtualpc/vmware. Have you checked that the pc you are trying to boot it on has the dvd/cd drive set as the first boot device? Sounds simple, and I in no way mean to be insulting, but little things like that are often forgotten....
  11. During textmode of my automated windows 2000 professional setup, I get the error "Insufficient memory for aec6897.sys press any key to contiue" Once I press a key it says setup failed press any key to restart computer... I have integrated raid drivers, but these work in xp which installs without a problem, but with 2000, I am getting afforementioned error...anyone seen it before or knows what i could do? Thanks for your help
  12. I have looked everywhere but can't find out how to do it. I want an account with a password that will autologon. This is easily done manually through control userpasswords2 and unticking the box marked users must enter a username and password to use this computer. It then prompts for the account you want to auto logon (in this case "Dan") and asks for its password. But, how can I do all this through the unattended setup, or a batch file....? Thanks in advance
  13. Are there any mirror sites where one can download the driver pakcs from only, unfortunately, BTS's site is down as the bandwidth limit has been exceeded I suppose that will be for the month too, so I will have to wait until september to get what I want.... Anybody know where else they are available, I can only find links to BTS's site.... Thanks
  14. I can change the default keyboard to UK easily enough after looking round these forums but there are two problems with the UK keyboard layout. Firstly, since the dawn of time microsoft have been mapping the | and the ¦ key the wrong way round and also, like the american layout it is difficult to type accents umlauts etc. on characters. Using ctrl as a dead key only works in a few apps it seems. Anyway I have fixed all of he above by making my own keyboard layout, it works fine and I can install it as an MSI...however when you install it it does not set it to the default, you then have to manually change the keyboard to my new one. How can I a) integrate the keyboard into the windows disk (if possible) and B) use a script or prog to change the keyboard to the new one? Thanks for your help...
  15. Very nice job, the list is coming along nicely!
  16. Oh, i know all 1000 freeola domains won't be possible of course, bu what about hotmail UK? .....plzzzzzzz
  17. Postmaster is incresingly common here in the UK... though still not very Post Master Also check out this other cool UK site for seom brilliant domains including @themoon.co.uk and many more Freeola 1000 Lol how much does that sound like a sales pitch Anyway it's quite a good site, there hosting services arent bad too if you use them as your ISP, if not then dont bother with the hosting as it will give you nothing but grief
  18. Lol i expected a hot debate on this thread...until I read it
  19. I agree with techniquefreak, kerio is great!
  20. I have attached a useful reg tweak I made to run silently after the PSP9 install with REGEDIT /S usefulfix.reg It fixes the fact that opening files from explorer does nto work, i.e. if you right click and select open with PSP9 you get an error and the file does not open, you have to goto file/open You may also find the following article useful: http://support.corel.com/scripts/rightnow....ed=001103298907 Sorry if this post isn't in quite the right place....but this is where i would look for it... EDIT: I have decided to also post the contents of the reg tweak as I for one have had problems dling files from here before... REGEDIT4 ;by default psp9 does not open files correctly from explorer if right click open wth is used, this fix has been created with an article i found on the corel website as to how to fix this, dan :D [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Applications\Paint Shop Pro 9.exe\shell\Open\ddeexec\Application] @="Paint Shop Pro 9" usefulfix.reg
  21. Thanks again, my mind is now at complete rest
  22. Forgive me if a poll like this already exists but i havent seen any and couldnt find one... so i thought i would start one. Which is the best for testing unattended/multiboot DVDs? I knew of VMWARE and Virtual PC already but I have only just found out about QEMU. (see this topic) Anyway which do you all find the best? Taking into consideration cost as well of course...

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