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Has 98se Reached its Peak?


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B) Now that weve been presented with sp2.1 98se2me revolutions etc and array of excellent tweaks 98se is now the os it should of been 6yrs ago .whats left outside of updating dlls from newer versions is there anywhere else to go with 98se have we conquer it finally or maybe theres a few tricks left to perfect ?let me hear your views on this?

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98se will always be ok based on a user's need of course.

I have been posting in the XP section here with an interesting (to me) finding.

I have multiple pc's, so on 1 of them (a bit older but not like a P1 or something!) I thought I'd test 98SE and XP in speed.

The pc is an AMD Athlon 800, oc to 950....384M ram, 32M 4x agp ati card.....so I ran timing tests on scan programs (centered on spybot S/D), etc....

Running 98SE lite, pretty tweaked out - 1m 37s

Running XP somewhat tweaked (removed file protection and killed many services/unneeded proggies) - 3m 0s

So on that XP forum, many are saying 'yup' that 98 will run faster but is less stable! I find my 98 pretty stable I must say and the speed difference is huge imo.

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The fact that Eiger will be able to work on old machines doesn't mean it will be faster than XP.

Sure, it's the next thing to watch.

As far as improving w98, or whatever OS for that matter, i think that as soon as we don't invent telepathic interface straight to the user's brain, there is little to do in the GUI.

Windows will always be windows.

What is left, in fact are the limitation for new and recent hardware. See the threads in the uSP section.

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i think that as soon as we don't invent telepathic interface straight to the user's brain
That's actually achieved it would seem. Link

And what about Brain Fingerprinting ?

Or microchiping ?

You won't be a VIP unless you take the chip!

Techno-slavery is cool. If you don't take the chip all your peers will hate you and you'll have no friends.


That's what I see in the Windows ME video. And that's why I do not like it.

I think Eiger is likely to be very much of that trend.

604 rv04 That's a superb demo I just came across. It does run well fullscreen in 1024x768 32bpp with a just a Geforce 2 MX. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I did.

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huh, I was not kidding! :)

Anyway I think brain implants will be copatible with w98...

Just install a driver and you can browse your own brain, moving and deleting files with Explorer, freeing your memory, defragment it etc

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