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  1. Here is my issue: Using Vista Home basic, I can not get the pc to print to a printer on a print server. The data seems to spool and then just sits there, nothing ever happens, no print, etc. C88 Epson, using the Vista driver for it. I have a USR wire/wireless router with a built in print server (printer connects to a USB port on it). Model of router is USR 5461. Funny enough, this printer works great with W98 and XP on multiple computers! This PC is a notebook using wireless to connect to the house network. I had XP on it and it worked fine. Only reinstalling Vista, I can't get the printer to print! I tried setting rules for Windows firewall to allow the specific address thru on input and output. I know the address I was using was correct, as it works on many other non-vista PC's. Anyone have luck using the print server on the USR router? Any help? Do I need to supply more info? thx...Jeff
  2. chozo4: yes. please read my info. On same pc, nothing different, I can see/use XP fine (which btw, nitroshift, is ALSO ntfs). You guys are not reading the data. 98+XP OK 98+Vista not OK. XP+Vista OK file sharing wise. So same 98 machine can use xp ine, no changes. vista set up identically as xp but 98 can not share. Vista CAN share 98. So, conclusion = Vista has some setting that does not allow 98 to share....or I am missing a detting somewhere. Again - No one else has had the capability to try, to confirm the issue? No one had a 98se and vista machine??
  3. On the "Security" tab too ? yea, pretty sure...but I gave up on it...2 machines with vista, same exact problem. So one I turned down to xp, the other I returned to dell (new notebook). When I told the agent why I was returning it, she said she's received some similar complaints.... But I don't have V to verify now.... oh, and remember, I can go from XP to Vista no problems at all...so 98 -> Vista directory = no go XP -> Vista directory = OK So it can't have to do with security, eh?
  4. been there, did that. Set sharing for a specific directory. Set so "everyone" has full control.
  5. wow, no one else has ran into this yet? I am surprised because I figured someone else would have Vista and 98SE, 98 being their main system... Again: From the 98 machine I can see the shared drive on the Vista PC but can not copy to-from/move to-from, etc. From the Vista pc, I can copy/edit to the 98 pc fine (but I do not want to share files from the main 98 machine, just did it for a test) I can go from 98 to XP fine, either way. Anyone have the same issue or had it and solved it? thanks - Jeff
  6. there was a program called Xrun, I think (not the linux xrun but for W98).....had it a while ago and had a hd crash and lost it....could never find it again (could find skins for it!). It was running in a transparent mode and you could adjust transparency in 98SE. It used a module called alphablend.dll to get it's transparency. At the time I was trying to get another freeware author to use it for transparency, I tried contacting the originator of the alphablend.dll file but never got a response. I still have the alphablend.dll file if nayone is interested....maybe a google will find info on it, too. Here is the skin page...funny enough, no skins now! http://www.skinbase.org/app.php?name=xrun but here are some: http://www.skinbase.org/section.php?sections=xrun Here is the author's page, but as noted, he/she never responded: http://methodik.pixelarmy.org/doku.php
  7. yup, working here too....but notice the 'warning' dialog. Almost like they've cached from the past.... "Effective July 11, 2006, support for Windows 98, Windows 98 Second Edition and Windows ME (and their related components) will end. ...." Not...."...has ended"
  8. yes, the folder created on the vista pc. I am trying to access it on the 98se pc. An XP fat32 and an XP ntfs pc see and can work with vista folder fine. The 98se pc can see the folder but not do anything. Constant drive not accessible errors no matter what I try. I may not have set the reg key up correctly. The info on http://support.microsoft.com/kb/239869 was not clear to me but I tried a few ways and no luck at this time.
  9. I have been getting the "Thank you for your interest in obtaining updates from our site. This website is designed to work with Microsoft Windows operating systems only. To find updates for Microsoft products that are designed for Macintosh operating systems, please visit http://www.microsoft.com/mac/. " screen every time!
  10. I've wracked my brains (what little I have!) this weekend, trying to make a shared folder from a notebook using Vista, be usable on my main 98SE machine. The folder on Vista must be set up correctly because I (1) can see it on 98SE (2) can use it no problems if I use another pc that has xp on it. So for now I have to transfer the files from 98 to xp, then xp to vista!! I have removed password protection from that folder. I have dl'ed and installed DSCLIENT9X.msi (and modified the registry with the proper value '3' for that new key) which should allow 98 to negotiate the correct LMCompatibility sequence (LM2, I believe). I can see the folder and files but if I try to do anything like copy/move, etc, I get an error after about 30 seconds saying the drive is now not accessible. Anyone have any luck using a vista folder with 98? Jeff
  11. excellent! What happens if we don't unload all the drivers? Some are tricky to find if you don't have your certain device connected.... thank you.
  12. no worries, just though you (and others) may want to know. Maybe there are others that have devices and can verify if seen in 9 and 10. If you have any portable device that can be seen with 9.....etc....(maybe not just a zen sleek issue). Keep up the super work you do! Jeff
  13. I tried running the enhancement to MP10 features but then my Zen Sleek Photo was not recognized by the player. I too didn't see a change in features (is it all under the hood, so to speak?) except that it wouldn't recognize my device. Returning to MP9, my device is recognized.... I've now tried it twice with same results. My Zen Sleek Photo is recognized fine with 9.0 but if I load this enhancement, then the Zen is not recognized...
  14. double click the icon in the control panel. It opens a window like explorer. Select FILE, INSTALL NEW FONT and follow the basic prompts to locate the ttf file.... altho i've never had trouble just throwing them in the fonts folder....
  15. what is the name of the actual font and it's extension? Can you double click the fonts in Windows Explorer and see them displayed (providing you have a font viewer)? also, altho I am not sure if required, did you reboot?
  16. the only shot you have (that I know of) at making an XP, etc proggie work on 98se is: Xeno86's kernel update project. http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?showtopic=71476 may get a few xp proggies to work, not all....
  17. It's not that terrible; it's just alpha. well, it won't even run on 98se at this time...that's pretty terrible!
  18. imo the best tab browser shell: maxthon....make sure it's version 1.5.7.xx, not the terrible alpha 2.0.xx going around. http://www.maxthon.com/ by far the most flexible, customizable and powerful....imo of course
  19. Can I just run the latest NUSB if I've installed the earlier version and separately patched systray?
  20. can you post a shot of what you mean bigger? Well, I know what bigger means....but do you offer handles, etc? There are already a number of programs that do this.....
  21. thx...I did indeed try those drivers. The version is the same as the one on the CD... the pc I use is a very old notebook, but it has Gape's latest SP. I get an error as if it's expecting XP...I will try again just so I can get the error info and post it.
  22. Has anyone been able to get the viewsonic wireless card (WPCC100) work with their software under W98SE? I keep getting errors like it expects XP (call errors, etc)....but the documentation says it will work with 98SE. Seems like they are not supporting their card now. ...ooops...realized it was posted in the wrong section but could not delete the post!.....
  23. Hi Maximus-Decim, well, I know what the NUSB does (you also had nice text explanation)..and it's great!! What will this upgrade do for me besides update components (what are the components used for)?
  24. try maxthon....one of the best ie shells out there. http://www.maxthon.com/ why are you on a W98 forum, bashing 98? i built them all from scratch, never buy new. i have 6 pc's at home so I don't think 500 bucks just for sw is cheap. So what about guys and gals like us that have pc's that are fast enough and don't need to buy new sw? He's also not saying whether IE works OK on those pages...I have no trouble with IE but we're not here to flame, right? We are here to help. Check out maxthon.

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