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Firewall + adkiller?

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Used to run NIS2004 and it killed all ads and popups - but it ate a LOT of resources...

Now I´m trying out Sygate and I love it - it uses very little resources - BUT it does not kill ads and popups :realmad:

Anyone got any sugggestions???

Thanx in advance

/ B) SwedenXP

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You could try using a browser with a built in pop-up/ad blocker? Pretty much anything that isn't IE has some form of ad-blocking built in.

Maxthon - built in

Firefox - AdBlock Extension (Link)

Opera - Adblock add-on (Link)

If you're going to use the Opera ad-block, get the C++ version, it's the easiest and the quickest.

Oh... and stick with Sygate. I've been using it for months now with the Opera Ad-block and nothing gets through (ad/popup/anything).

Hope this helps!

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Dear Zxian

Forgot to say that I run Firefox - and I have tried the adblock extension... and I think it sucks!

So - any other suggestions please - do anyone know an adblock program that works just as fine as NIS?

/ SwedenXP

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Thanx Martin Zugec!

Ad Muncher seems like a really nice prog :thumbup. I´ll try it for a while and see how it feels.

From a sunny and hot Sweden

/ SwedenXP B)

ps. It feel GOOD :whistle:

Edited by SwedenXP
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