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A problem with GTA : SA,


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Hi all, i'm new here.

i've got a serious problem with gta san andreas.

problem description:

every time i play, after half an hour maybe even 45min, my screen is turning black, i can't see or

continue playing, but the strange thing is, that the sound in the game is still playing, even if i'm

in a car, the songs on the radio station are still playing. i can't quit to desktop, or close GTASA.exe using

task manager, i have to restart every time.

* Note - i checked on other forums, and i found some other people, all with radeons card (9600,9200 etc..)

and with the same or similar problem.

details about my computer:

Intel P4 , 2.4GHZ Chipset D845PE (if i'm not mistaking about the chipset)


Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB

400W Power supply

Windows XP PRO + SP2, updated

things i've tried so far:

1. Uninstalling my video card drivers, installing the new ones from ATI - Catalyst 5.6

2. Disabling VPU RECOVER error report making in the ATI CONTROL PANEL.

4. Running DirectDraw and DirectDraw3D Tests on DXDIAG.

3. Scanned for spywares, adwares and viruses.

What's seem t be the problem, and how can i fix it? its driving me crazy :(

Thanks all.

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i don't know off hand, but make sure your screensaver is off as well as powerdown HD, etc.

You should uninstall the ati drivers and control panel and give Omega a try.

No joke, uninstall the drivers and control panel before trying Omega!


ScreenSaver - Off, powerdown HD - off as well.

Omega - already tried, b4 installing new catalyst. with omega the problem was worse -

it was stucking every 15min, now after 30-45min even after an hour..

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vpu should be left enabled (it sometimes help at the time of recovering from a video hang). once the screen goes black wait for a minute or so, perhaps it can recover the video.

you can try downclocking your card...

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good point, if your card is oc'd and you didn't upgrade the cooling it probably is overheating (esp. if you tried the 9800xt or FireGL X2 Hard Mod). You should d/l a vid card stress tester and see if it's going out because of high temps. Since more pipes are open on a hard modded card that have not been fully tested and approved, you may have a funky pipe or even a not so compatible bios flash if you did hard mod it.

What are your system specs in terms of customization?

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the card is not overclocked .. :|

the vpurecover itself remains enabled, only the report making is disabled.

sometimes the screen goes black and recover itslef yes, but after 30-45min its sucks completely :|

about heating problem, how come game like GTA can overheat my card?!

DOOM3 and FARCRY haven't done this ..

is there anyway to check?

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I've had the same problem with San Andreas the last few days. I'm running an ATI Radeon 9550, and during the game (about every 20-30 mins) it would freeze, sometimes VPU would recover the game, sometimes not.

By playing around with pretty much every setting I could find, I finally seem to have got it working (been playing the last few hours with no probs!)

VPU Recover -> on

Smartgart AGP Settings:

AGP Speed -> off

Fast Write -> off

Seems to do the trick nicely!

This kind of prob seems to be quite common, hope this helps.

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Ive got an ATi 9550 as well gta sa works, driv3er doesnt for long but anyway

has anyone had problems with X300 cards going to a blue screen - no text just blue - i know 2 people that GTA SA does this to them on X300 cards both high performance machines, not overclocked no viri or spyware.

ive tried the Smartgart AGP settings on them but it just extends play to about 60mins other than the usual 20min

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