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Using WPI via network

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Hi all,

Stumbled across this amazing piece of software yesterday and have had varied success getting things to work.

Is it possible to run applications from a network share ?

I have tried but all I get is it cant find the application !

Basicly I want to run WPI and put all my software on a network share boot a cd with WPI on it and install any software I require.

I have done a search but dont seem to be getting any real results

Thanx In advance

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I found the prior thread on this as well, but whenever i go to save a new program with \\servername\share\folder\app.exe, it loses a "\" in the UNC definition after you select to install the app(s). i can manually do a find and replace in the config.js file to reflect \\\\\\servername\share\......, but when i save the config.js, relaunch the wpi.cmd, add a new program, and then save, it reverts back to \\\\servername\share\......., and gives me just "\servername\share\....." during the app installation. any ideas on what i may be doing wrong. also, i get the error "Windows cannot find '<Drive Letter>:\Windows'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, yada yada yada". is there a file somewhere i can change or remove this check?? thanks in advance.

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what about run a WPI_CD from shared CD_Drive ?

like , i am on a workstation named WKS1 , the server is SVR1

the share name for CDDRIVE on SVR1 is CDSVR1 for example .

if run local on the server all is ok . if i want to run from WKS1

i get error because of path !?

normal path is \\SVR1\CDSVR1\installdir\setup.exe from network

normal local path is \%cdrom%\installdir\setup.exe

can anyone to change wpi.cmd for work well dinamically

as local path and also as network path ?

i cant , i try but unsuccesfully .

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