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  1. Thanks for the quick reply`s guys. Just looking into your suggestions now
  2. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been asked before (I have looked ). Can anyone give me any advice/ guidence on the following problem I have. The situation is I work for the IT dept of a school, probably about 600 pc`s maybe more. currently I have thenm all set to autopower on at 8:00AM but there are an awfull lot of them that just get left on all night. What I am looking for is a script or something that will run at a specific time and shut the pc`s down. The only issue I can possibly see is that all the students have there own logon on the domain. so the pc`s are usually locked when a student is not using them so the script would need to run in the background I guess. Any help or advice would be great Thanks in advance
  3. I have been trying to resolve this problem for a long time now and hope u guys can help with some suggestions. I currently have about 10 Ghost images (Some are windows xp and some are Linux based) which all reside in a shared folder on a windows 2003 server. My problem is I am trying to get a quick and fairly automated way of deploying the images onto the pc`s my company builds. I have tried Acronis SnapDeploy which worked great especialy with the PXE but it didnt support Linux which causes me a major problem. Currently I just use a BartPe based boot cd which once loaded I can create a network share manualy load Ghost 8.2 and then select the required image to deploy. This works fine but it takes along time to boot the BartPe cd (I have tried booting the BartPe via RIS which worked but was also very slow at booting and had problems transfering images to more than one machine at a time). I also need to make it fairly easy for anyone to do because If and when I finaly get a holiday someone else will need to use it. So I throw this open for suggestions and realy hope u guys can help me out. Many Thanks
  4. thanks for the info gilesw , will give that ago see what happens. Have u ever tried using that with winpe ? As trying to get it working with winpe thats giving me the problems
  5. Thanx for the reply Jazkal I Believe it is winpe 2005 I am using tried the drvinst method it copied over some files. So I tried the custom cd and still cant get the network adapter to work. Winpe Version is 5.1.2600.2180
  6. Hi guys, Has anyone had any luck getting the Marvel Yukon drivers working in winpe on an Intel Board ? I have read the post from superbikkel and it still wont work. I only seem to have the following files: Infpu.dll InstallU.exe yk51x86 security cat yk51x86 system file yk51x86.inf I have tried the usual methods of putting the files in the I386 and corresponding directorys but still nothing works Any Ideas guys ? Thanks in advance
  7. Sorry everyone, just did another search and found lots on this very subject. silly me
  8. Hi all, Stumbled across this amazing piece of software yesterday and have had varied success getting things to work. Is it possible to run applications from a network share ? I have tried but all I get is it cant find the application ! Basicly I want to run WPI and put all my software on a network share boot a cd with WPI on it and install any software I require. I have done a search but dont seem to be getting any real results Thanx In advance

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