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[Release] PathChanger.exe


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This is a very simple gui I made for "SetDevicePath.exe" which will allow you to browse to a directory containing a bunch of drivers. Then you can set your Windows XP to look for new drivers within that directory. When you are finished you just click on the "RESET" button and your Driver Path will be set back to normal.

It is nothing much. I made it for myself... But maybe it will be useful to someone besides me.

I haven't had a chance to thouroughly test it yet... but it should work fine if I understand how "SetDevicePath.exe" works correctly. So please let me know if it works ok or not.

Enjoy. :thumbup

Path Changer Beta v0.1

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Here's an odd request from the maker of this tool...

Can someone upload this program somewhere for me? I lost it. :(


If you want i can write you quick gui in AutoIt ;) Shouldn't take long (not much lines either)... Maybe you could also try my program which does what SetDevicePath is doing just is a bit more advanced. Check my signature for it.

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